Ana: Hello there! Welcome to Brazen Babe Reviews. My name is Ana (previous owner of Beach Bum Reviews) Here at BnB we’ll be reviewing books, movies, TV shows and occasionally other shit. Now, we’re no noobies to the book blogging community, no siree! Sharonda and myself have been running our own perspective book blogs for over 2 years and it’s hard. REALLY. EFFFING. HARD. To do it all on your own that is (but you know, major props to our lovely blogger buddies that do run their blogs all on their lonesome). Soooo, we decided to come up with a new blog and run it together. Why a new blog and not just one of us join the others blog? Because we both love our blogs and don’t really wanna give it up (DUH!) But, we’ve imported all our blog posts/reviews here on BnB so you won't have to go looking for our older stuff.

Sharonda: Ummmm, pretty much what she said ^_^, nothing is going to change in how we do things....at least in the beginnging *laughs evily*. *Coughs badly and clears throat* As time goes on, you will see us posting more and more here. So welcome to our crazy little world. Sit back (you may want buckle up) and enjoy the fun Ana and I are about to start.

Ana: As a big ol' welcome to the blog, Sharonda and I have decided to run a giveaway! Yepp, you read that right :) We will be giving away TWO $15.00 eGiftCards. One for BN and one for Amazon!! The giveaway will run through the rest of this month (August) and we will announce the winner on the FIRST of September.

Sharonda: Yes, what she said...lols. So why are you still sitting there reading this post? Go!...go now and enter :D

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