Review: Jessie's Choice by Amanda Nichol

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jessie's Choice 
(Book #1 in the TRU Adventures series)
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Author: Amanda Nichol
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (March 7, 2014)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance 334 pages

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Joining TRU was a no-brainer. I needed a fresh start, and other people needed saving. I was more than happy to help. 
Joining TRU meant less time to focus on her... On him... On what could have been.
Joining TRU was supposed to make me forget my past, but I didn't...I ran right into it. 

As part of an elite experimental police force, Jessica Rossi has been trained to handle any situation she encounters. For Jessie, putting away bad guys and ignoring her growing feelings for her team leader is all in a day's work. When a new case gets a little too personal, she suddenly finds that even the best trained detectives sometimes bite off more than they can chew. With so much at stake though, she can't afford to quit. Even if that means working side by side with the guy who ripped her heart in two... Or making a deal with the devil himself. 

Three men...One thing in common...They all want her. Some choices are simple. This is not one of them.
Ana: What is up guys! So, Sharonda and I decided to read/review this book together, so our thoughts and opinions may not always be on the same page. Hell, sometimes our reviews will be so fire and water that we may just cut that baby short and give it a rating!

Sharonda: Hey ya’ll! and this may just be one of those ones we cut short, but who knows :D

Ana: Jessie’s Choice is a contemporary romance dealing with detective/crime drama. The characters in this book are young. And when I say young, I mean early twenties, barely out of their teenie bopper days which made the book kind of hard to believe.

The book starts off with Jessie Rossi, TRU detective. She’s running away from shots being fired at her and what not and when she finally makes it to her car and old flame pops up (but you don’t learn that til a bit later, but it’s kind of obvi from the sentence following his appearance).

Sharonda: I thought the beginning of the story with her running away while being shot at was exciting...the book started off with a *bang* or maybe a couple of bangs. But it was a good solid beginning and yeah, her ex suddenly shows up while she’s running from the bad guys. That had me frowning a bit, but heh...

Ana: lol @ a couple of bangs. Oh, definitely, I thought the beginning was great. It definitely made me want to keep reading.

Banging beginning aside, the story then jumps POVs. From Jessie to Shawn, team leader of TRU. Shawn finally gets a hold of Jessie and words are exchanged (whilst naughty thoughts happen) and within the chapter, he finds out that their cover has been blown and that Jessie is headed to Shawn’s place, otherwise known as “The Cabin”. He then finds himself making his way there to check up on her (she was shot btw! OUCH!)

Sharonda: And that’s when it all went kind of downhill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love multiple POVs, but with this story it was really hard to get into the story. I felt like….I don’t really even know who to explain it but I will say I was frustrated with the reading. It seemed like their thoughts and the story itself was jumbled together and it made IMO for a bit of a difficult read.

What did you think about it?

Ana: I’m iffy on POVs, but I liked this one. I liked that I wasn’t always in Jessie’s head and the fact that this was a cop type drama romance, it was nice getting different views on what’s happening. I thought the POVs pushed the story along, but  I will say this, I felt like the story was thrown at you in chunks and with those chunks you got a dividers to divvy up the story yourself and organize it in your head. I was pretty confused throughout the story.

Sharonda: The story was definitely thrown at you in chunks, I totally agree with you there and learning the reasons why she and her ex...what the heck was his name. Hold up, let me check….Shock! Yes, learning why her and Shock wasn’t together anymore was like a big WTF. Now how are you still attracted to a guy who left you like that?! I don’t like the fact that there was this kind of...what is the word...oh love triangle thrown in the story, it kinda a pissed me off. That reason alone is enough NOT to want to even look at dude anymore.

Ana: Oh, yeah… Shock… idk what to think about him. The feel like this story was trying to be “adult contemporary” but just the relationships alone scream YA, with a bit of adult pleasure. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “love triangle” though, it was more like, “you’re my first love, I love you, but Shawn is my everything”. The only reason there was even a hint of a triangle, was the fact that she still had that “physical attraction” to him.

Sharonda: This definitely had a YA feel to it. You really just felt that about the story because of the characters mannerisms and thoughts? At least I did. I do agree about her “feelings” towards Shock, but I still get the feeling that maybe the author wanted to maybe throw that love triangle feel into the story to possibly give you a bit more of an edge...especially with them on this mission.

Ana: Yeah, which brings me back to the ages. The age range of this group of characters was 21 - 25. For a book that’s trying to push the cop drama angle, it just wasn’t working for me. It really held me back on believing this stuff.

True about the mission, which brings me to that, the TRU team was assigned a case to crack down and find out who is taking and drugging women off the streets and not just hookers and what not. The TRU team has a clue who is behind everything but getting in and getting the evidence to get him, means sending a few of their girls undercover, including Jessie.

Sharonda: I agree. If this is going to be pushed as being a true crime drama, then I’m thinking the ages should have been a bit make the characters a bit more mature. Here I didn’t find them mature at all.

Yes, the team has to figure out how to catch the person who they believe is behind the kidnapping of these girls. I’m sorry, but that was also a little unbelievable to me, not the story itself but what grown ass woman just takes a random call from some stranger, meets him somewhere and boom! you’re kidnapped. Didn’t make any sense. Anyways, the TRU team had to find a way to connect the man who they think is behind the crimes to it and yep, that means sending in Jessie and another girl.

And girl this is where I 41%. I just couldn’t anymore. I agree with you and I liked the fact that it just wasn’t Jessie in my head all throughout the read. But I just couldn’t connect with these characters.


Ana: I actually finished the book. I thought it was interesting enough for me to finish. Oh, not the whole “I’m intrigued, need to finish this book asap” because that I was far from that, but I did want to see how it ended. I wanted to know if Jessie would make it out and who her choice would be, after all the book is called, “Jessie’s Choice” I’ll be damned if I didn’t finish the book and see who she chose. lol. But I kinda guessed who it was in the beginning. You can say the book was a bit predictable that way, but there really was no competition between Shawn and Shock...there just wasn’t. Hence why I think there really wasn’t a love triangle lols.  

Sharonda: EXACTLY! I didn’t even see why Shock was thrown in there even as a little bit of a romantic thing. And yes, the story was predictable like that...I kinda felt that she was going to lean a bit more towards Shawn because like you said there really was no competition between him and the other dude. Okay, okay love triangle, lols.

For me I just couldn’t deal with their inner thoughts….that was the big thing for me. Why Jessie still even felt a physical attraction to her ex. Why Shawn (even though he was in love with her from day one) why he couldn’t be with her. It hurt to be inside their heads and that exhausted me. But I think that’s where that maturity thing came in at. Although I will say Shawn was a bit more mature than Jessie.

Ana: Shawn was the oldest of the bunch, so I can understand why he was more mature. Even the backstabbing and the petty shit that went down within the team was a bit off for me. Come on now, you’re grown ass people. learn to speak your mind and not dawdle in the background and blow a fucking cover. REALLY? Let me stop there before I go more into that.

Sharonda: Right?! like how you mad at your friend for getting a position that you wanted. Speak the fuck up, tell them how you feel. To say something after the backstabbing and high tensions start is so childish and that first incident is when I just had to stop, I couldn’t continue. I just felt like if this was going to be the majority of the book...I couldn’t continue with it.

I think she has a good series on her hand, but IMO change the attitude of your characters and maybe make the story a little less predictable. With a crime drama or romantic suspense, I want to keep guessing. I don’t want to figure out the story before I get to the end of it. That’s just how I feel.

Ana: I agree with you there, I think ANichol has a potentially great series on her hands, it just needs to be polished like no other and BAM… I’d probably get the second book if it were about Jacen, Jessi’s twin brother and fellow TRU teammate. lols. Or even Max… because they were very likeable minor characters, but that’s beside the point.

Sharonda: lols @ Jessie’s twin...he was a hottie. Stop distracting me Ana, lols. Anyways, we can chuck this one up as first book in the series jitters. Does that sound right? O_O

Ana: I’m always attracted to the characters that don’t play a main role in stories… like Max and Jacen. lol I don’t mean to distract you :p I think it sounds right. I have a few other things that bothered me about this that isn’t story related so I won’t even touch that.

Alrighty, lets get to rating! I thought this book was okay, it wasn’t great but I did finish it. I’m giving it 3 Brazen Babes. Despite the fact that the characters weren’t mature enough for me, or the fact that the story kinda threw me for a loop, I actually finished it. I liked the connection between Jessie and Shawn, the relationships between a few of the characters were nice to read and get to know, those little parts made me kept reading.

Sharonda: Because I DNF’d this, my rating will be 1 Brazen Babe. As I said, I stopped at 41%...this doesn’t mean that I don’t think this series has potential, it definitely has that. But I agree with Ana, spit shine it up a bit and I think Ms. Nichol may possibly have a very good one on her hands. What didn’t work for me was the jumbling of the story, there were parts that just didn’t make any sense and I just couldn’t get into these characters heads. Their maturity played a major role in my not finishing this as well.

Ana: So, our combined rating will be 2 Brazen Babes.



  1. LOL! I love dual reviews. I do them with Shari once in a while. We can range from very similar opinions to wildly divergent thoughts. But its all fun b/c it shows that the same book can bring a different response which is kinda cool. Sorry it was just 'meh' guys.

  2. I'm glad Ana finished it, because I was rolling my eyes and sucking teethe, lols. This one has good potential but needs a whole lot of work :D

  3. Sigh...yes, I've read a few lately with potential, but still, they had me grinding my teeth too.


  4. I dislike multiple POV's too, not loving what Ward is doing with BDB because of it. Sorry this was an epic fail, I hope your next buddy read is better.

  5. I dislike multiple POV's unless it's done right and doesn't jump around. Hope yalls next reads are more to your liking :)

  6. I can deal with them if they don't overwhelm me...which is why I stopped reading Warden. Like really? just write another book ;p

    I can do NA, but I need for the characters to be adultish...I can't deal with immature characters...grinds my teethe.

  7. exactly Melissa :D

    Yeah...too much jumble. Heh, maybe next time :D

  8. Oh not good. The age thing would really grate on me. I don't mind younger characters but don't just make them young to fit the trends. Or if you do make them young give them realistic storylines for their age. The POVs doesn't bother me unless it's done in a jarring way which sounds like this one didn't quite make it there either. Blergy. Sorry yall had a miss on this one.