Review: Chat by Theresa Rite

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Author: Theresa Rite
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 24, 2014)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance 376 pages

ISBN-10: 1499506600
ISBN-13: 978-1499506600
My Copy: .mobi

When Sandy Quinn met Jason Brewer on the first day of second grade, a life-long friendship was born.

Twenty-six years later, Jason is finally ready to move on from his divorce. His ex-wife leaves behind her Kindle, and he stumbles upon Bestselling Author Carissa Steel’s latest release. After learning that she lives less than an hour from his apartment- and is single- he contacts her on Facebook. As he struggles to flirt over chat, he enlists the help of his best friend.

Sandy has spent three years waiting for her boyfriend, Jack, to finally pop the question. At the same time Jason asks for her help, her world slowly begins to crumble around her. Through her pain, she continues to support her best friend, playing Cyrano to his newest conquest.

As Sandy begins to chat with Jason online, she creates a safe place to explore what neither of the friends thought would ever exist between them. As lines blur and are eventually crossed, they begin to wonder if amazing sex is worth risking a lifetime of friendship.

Twenty-six years… twenty-six letters.

Could they have always only needed each other?

The book started off great, you're introduced to both of the main characters, Sandy Quinn and Jason Brewer, and right away you're thrown into their dynamic duo life. You learn about how they've been friends since they were in elementary school and despite them being friends so long, they've only done the whole "trying to date your best friend thing" once and it didn't work out.

The book pushes onto where they both end up having a conversation via chat and that chat gets a lot bit steamy. And I was like o.O holy cow! Their relationship is def going to change... they're going to realize that they have feelings for each other and then boom happily ever after. Of course that doesn't happen. Not 5 minutes into the book, come on now! No, what happens next is a bit of a left turn for me. The incident between Sandy and her boyfriend of three years turns her to become somewhat of a different person. Which I think was the part where I just wanted to put the book down but I couldn't because I wanted to know how things would end between Sandy and Jason. Would they get together in the end? Will Sandy go back to her boyfriend? Will Jason finally just go for Carissa (whom he's been chatting with since the book started)?

I guess you can call me a masochist of some sort because I put myself through 20% more of the book before I decided to stop. I stopped reading at around 66%  and at this point I just said "fuck it" I don't want to know anymore. The writing isn't horrible, far from that. I actually really liked TRite's writing style. What I didn't like was the main character: Sandy. She was waaaaay too flip floppy with her emotions/feelings/ready-not-ready-bullshit for me to even take seriously. Half of the time I wanted to throw my tablet across the room. The only saving grace of this book, IMO, was Jason's character. I thought he was great and the fact that this book did change POVs between Jason and Sandy was great. Otherwise, I think I would have stopped reading a long time ago.

Because I did DNF this book, I'm going to have to give it ONE BRAZEN BABE.




  1. Aaand the annoying heroine strikes again! Sorry it was a no-go for you. I like the friends to lovers trope, but I can't do hot-cold people either.

  2. I just don't understand why these type of female characters are popular, smh. I don't mind being slightly annoyed, but when its to the point of not finishing....

  3. Good to know, thanks for sharing ! Let's ban that type of heroins !

  4. too bad we don't know the ending of the book who knows would of left open some sort of apocalyptic love story :P

  5. haha. too bad, but I just couldn't keep reading. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Yes, lets!! haha. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. omfg. I was THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS close to finishing it. so serious right now. sigh. I wanted to finish it for the guy, but the girl was giving me all kinds of stop signs xDD this ain't RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT heffa!

  8. oh the guy wasn't hot-cold it was all the heroine... sigh. thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ahhh the heroines. It's always the heroines. Why do they have to be like that? Blerg. Sorry to see this was a miss.