Book Review & Quote-tastic : Talk Sweetly to Me by Courtney Milan

Source: Purchased
Format: Kindle (Mobi)
Self Published
Genre: Interracial Historical Romance
Author: Courtney Milan
Sex: Light to Medium Sexual Content

My Review

Talk Sweetly To Me was a quick and sweet read I enjoyed over the weekend. This is my first book that I've read by Courtney Milan and I don't think it will be my last.

I thought she tackled the romance between Rose, a Black woman and Stephan, a white Irish man very well.

Rose who is a very smart woman...I mean like genius smart is good with mathematics. So here she works as a computer, it seems back in the day, some woman provided mathematical numbers in such a way to help as far as astrology and things like that; Rose helped with astrology. And Stephen, was a novelist and get this...a advise columnist for a women's paper.

While Stephan was a known rake, Rose was a shy woman who hid behind her work. Stephan is highly attracted to Rose and wants to court and marry her, but he knows that he must approach her differently than he has any other woman. Rose was also attracted to Stephan...she was IMO more concerned about his reputation as a rake and also because she was a black woman, people would think even less of her because of a relationship that would develop between them.

While I had some issues with Rose and it was really just the frustration of her constant denial of Stephan that worked my nerves. But, I totally understood where she was coming from. She was a very smart woman, but she was still black and although she knew Stephan didn't really care about what people thought of him and her together, it did stop her from getting closer to Stephan like she really wanted too and she really wanted too.

Stephan on the other, what a dude. He was just, wonderful. He was a alpha male, but no overtly so. He wanted Rose and really didn't give a rats ass what Society thought of the possibility of him and Rose being together. And when Rose told him to back off, he did. Did he want too? no! but out of respect for her, he did. How can you not love a man like that?

This story was awesome for me and I really did enjoy the way Ms. Milan captured both Rose and Stephan characters. They were easy too like and they didn't have any really big ass hang ups. She didn't hide away from issues...such as race that Rose and Stephan faced.

Book Note: I could not STAND Patricia's (Rose sister) doctor. He was a racist and a class A asshole. Reading characters such as this makes me want to go back in time and slap somebody...really damn hard. Referring to a sister as a cow. Oh damn...damn...damn! my hands were inching!

All and all I liked this story. If you're looking for a sweet romance with quirky characters and a love story with slight humor, then you will enjoy Talk Sweetly To Me.

My Rating


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"Tell me, Mr. Shaughnessy. Is that what you had hoped from me? To..." She stopped briefly, swallowing, and then continued. "To seduce me and then not fall in love?"
"No," he told her. "I'm tired of having to remind myself that the women who are after me wish only an experience or a reputation and not a lifetime. I'm tired of holding myself back. I'm tired of having to flatten all but the barest hint of affection."
Her breath caught."
"I'm tired, " he said, "of not letting myself fall in love."
She didn't say anything for a long time. "They're idiots," she finally said. "Complete idiots, the lot of them."
They really were and Rose was perfect for him :D

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