Book Review: Run by Eve Vaughn

Source: Purchased
Format: Kindle (Mobi)
Self Published
Genre: Dystopian Interracial Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content

My Review

Set in a dystopian future, Run centers around characters Alasdair (Dare) O'Shaughnessy and Aya Smith. 

Dare is the perfect antihero. He is super rich, super gorgeous and a super a**hole. Whatever Mr. O'Shaughnessy wants, he gets any means necessary. And he wants Aya Smith from the moment he sets eyes on her. She has spirit and Dare learned at a early age that when you find someone with spirit, you break them eventually. But getting Aya isn't easy, she's not like any other woman who seems to just throw themselves at, not Aya. She will not go willingly and that causes problems for her and her uncle. 

This story as I've said is set in the future where the rich are the ruling class and the poor (Dregs), well...they don't have much of a chance. Also, there are barely any women. In Eve Vaughn's future, a untested drug to treat cancer has wiped out many of the women on the planet and now men have us at the advantage. Women now earn a living by either selling their bodies in prostitution or participating in the Run, the run is a game where rich men basically "bag and tag" women for their own sinister use. 

This game is now owned by Dare and when Aya basically humiliates him by turning down his offer to become his, he forces her to participate when he ruins the bar her uncle owns. Hence taking away her only means of survival...just to have her as his. To prove to her that no one denies him. 

Oh my, Dare was a evil bastard. Eve Vaughn made sure there was nothing to like about him and I mean nothing...initially. He was written to be hated, he is mean and cruel. As he was taught, dregs are below him and if something or someone does not make him money, Dare does not need or want for it or them. Believing that this sudden obsession that he has with Aya is short lived...he only wants to have her once and discard her. She's a woman and a dreg, it should be so simple, right? but Dare finds out that its not. Once he has her and the more he has Aya, the more he realizes that he can't let her go. 

Aya was a strong willed heroine, very opinionated but just as flawed as her male counterpart. Her mouth got her in a lot of trouble in the story. Her "pride" which she felt is all she has left is tested constantly throughout the book and because of her "pride" it puts her in Dare's path and she really didn't want to be there. But as much as she hates him, Aya is also confused about her feelings when she around Dare. How can you be attracted to a man  that has taken everything away from you? 

This is no a easy love story, Dare's and Aya's story is rough and I'm being nice when I say that. Do not go into this one thinking it was be all rainbows and unicorns...don't read this story thinking that your couple will have a easy peasy skip down romance lane. Oh no people...this is a dark tale. You think all throughout this story how the hell is Eve Vaughn going to make Dare redeemable? HOW? Because to tell you the truth, it is hard to fathom. His treatment of Aya and mostly everyone around him goes from bad to worse. He is selfish and without any moral filter. 

It takes one woman to make him question make him face a past and childhood he so desperately tries to bury. One woman to force him to feel something other than cold hated despair.  

Somehow and some way, Ms. Vaughn made this man damn near lovable by the end of this book...I'm still shaking my head at that. Simply there was no instant change to Dare like you read with most heroes in romances of late. Dare is a progress in work and so is Aya. I have to say...I like that.

This world created is intricate and the story arc is totally engrossing. The characters are complex...I loved every minute of it. I can't wait for the next book. 

Fair warning, this book is not for the faint of heart. The sexual content is at times harsh...women are treated brutally. Dare is fudged up and Aya is a little fudged up too. And yes, I still highly recommend it. This is a total must read. Definitely one of my favorites and top reads of this year.

My Rating


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