Book Review:The Essien Trilogy (So far...) ~ Keeping Secrets and Making Scandal by Kiru Taye

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

 Published May 12, 2014            Published August 24, 2014
          Genre: Contemporary Romance
Self Published
 Sex: Medium to Strong Sexual Content

My Review

Let me first start off by saying that I love the fact that Kiru wrote these stories built around such a beautiful country as Africa. Her absolute wonderful descriptions of a modern Africa that I'm dying to get to is just awe aspiring and I loved dwelling into her world. 

The Essien Trilogy revolves around three brothers who are the kings of finance in Africa. They are part of one of the richest families and every woman wants to marry them and every man wish they were a brother. This series arc is about these three men meeting and finding their mates as each brother gets his own story/book. But this isn't just about the Essiens finding wives...this about family secrets, deadly plots to take over companies and so much more. 

Keeping Secrets, is the eldest brothers story...Felix. Felix needs a wife and quite quickly. The company he heads needs for him to have a wholesome family image after a scandal is attached to his name. Felix just doesn't want to marry anyone so when an old family friend (Ebony) comes back into the country, he seizes the opportunity to make her his wife. Ebony is a bit standoffish at first, she had just come out of a bad relationship (her fiance' of TEN years pretty much left her at the alter...before they even got there). So when Felix offers this marriage of convenience, she is very wary BUT being the person she is...she decides to help him. 

This story starts off with Ebony getting a call from the hospital stating that her husband (Felix) is now out of his coma. She excited...ecstatic but when she gets there, her husband doesn't remember her. I mean nothing about her. Ebony is devastated. So you're probably guessing what does all of this have to do with the title of this book. Well....because Felix remembers nothing of his marriage to Ebony, the secret is when he comes out of his coma, Ebony never tells Felix that their marriage is false. It seems on the night of his accident, Felix and Ebony has this big argument about something (it is never said what it was about) but whatever it is, it causes Felix to drive off in anger. This causes his accident and up to the events we are now at. 

I really liked how Kiru kept us guessing about what Felix couldn't remember and what the hell Ebony didn't know. But lawd, have a heart if the woman did not frustrate the bejezus out of me. I kept saying throughout this story "Ebony, just tell him" and she never did. Because of the way Felix's dad stepped out on his mom, Felix doesn't like to be lied too or to have any information held away from him. This was Ebony's problem. She had every opportunity to tell Felix what the foundation of their marriage was based on, BUT their feelings had changed before the actual wedding. She never did this and this caused friction between them and causing Felix to have suspicions about her actions. 

All and all I loved the story, even though I wanted to shake the hell out of Ebony at times. It was a moving and deep love story. And it wasn't just about Felix trying to retain his memories and finding out why his wife is keeping secrets. But there is also a snake in their company trying to bring the Essiens down so Kiru threw in a little blackmail too. And the spice was saucy. 

Keeping Secrets gets 

Making Scandal  is Mark's the second son story. Mark is the total opposite of this brother Felix. Carefree and a lil' bit of a jokester, Mark is charismatic and drop dead fucking gorgeous.  And if every woman in Africa can't have his now married brother Felix, they will take Mark. But he has his eyes set on one woman and that is Faith Brown (she is also Ebony's best friend) You get a bit of Faith and Mark in the first book but here, they are in their own element, whoa boy! 

Ah, this story. Can't say that I loved it as much as I did the first one and it was pretty much was Faith. If Ebony was frustrating, Faith had me wanting to pull my braids out. Now, listen I am all for the strong, independent woman..I am. But good gravy! Okay, Faith grew with a very repressive childhood. Her dad thought the only place for a woman was in the kitchen and having babies and that is not what Faith wanted for herself. She wanted a be able to provide for herself and her family. But because she did not abide by her father's wishes, she was basically kicked out of the house at 18 and was told not to return. I mean she could BUT she could not stay in her fathers home. This made Faith jaded towards men, she had no use for them. Her only focus was and is her career UNTIL Mark Essien saunters into the picture. 

Now Mark is attracted to Faith from the moment he sees her at a conference he is attending and he wants her. But Faith makes it hard for him...where he is used to having women at his beck and call, this is not what he receives from Ms. Brown. This only makes Mark more determined to claim her. 

Here while Mark was this sweet, attentive dude. Faith...good gravy, she was ugh! I'm sorry, Kiru..I just couldn't get myself to like this woman. I am all for the woman hear me roar thingy, but Faith was enough to make me want to reach through my Kindle and choke death. 

Throughout this story Mark never at any time, never gave IMHLO Faith a reason to NOT trust him. Because of his childhood, Mark never wanted to cheat on a wife or be a part time dad (if these things ever came upon him). You see Mark is the product of his and Felix's fathers affair with his mother. 

Faith who is very IMO didn't trust men very much seemed to lump them all in one category. So here you have Mark who is the total opposite of what her Dad and some other men expected of her AND btw treated her way different (you know with respect and stuff..) got what everyone else got. 

Faith was hard to like. If not for Mark, I would have given up on this story, so thank good gravy for him. The story as a whole? I liked to bits and pieces, but Faith's character had me wanting to throw my kindle across the room. I mean the man even kept the relationship a secret because you asked him too? what more did you want?! smh. 

Making Scandal primarily focuses on Faith and Mark. Them trying to figure out each other and their feelings for one another. We don't really get much of anything else. The person who is trying to take the Essiens out appears briefly and that is because Faith caught a case of the stupids...that's all I'm going to say about that. My other issue is in the world did Faith end of prego when she and Mark used protection? did I miss something? just a lil' confusion there for me. 

Still a well written story and drama to boot. 

Making Scandal gets (*more of a 3.5)


*both links are to ALL of Kiru's books

As  whole, I'm loving this series and I cannot wait for the third's brother story Tony...he is a lil bit of a secret. Not much has been told about him in any of the other brother's stories. All you know is that he wants to make movies. Gurls! Kiru put a pic of who her inspiration for Tony is and I almost dropped dead at, no, I'm not lying...I did...fudging gorgeous! 

So there you have it. I recommend this series, both books are novella length, so they are quick and enjoyable reads. And I mean, come one....look at those covers....


  1. Now you have me curious to see the pic of Tony. haha! Guess I should be sitting down for that too.

    Ah man! Faith's thing just gets on my nerves too. I had a few false steps with men too, but...I really don't get that 'all men are pigs' attitude b/c of running across a few. I mean, she must have met some real witches for women, but that doesn't make all women Queen Bs.
    And the other one, holding onto her secrets well past the expiration date...gah. But with all the other elements you mentioned, I can see why you pushed through and enjoyed the books too.

  2. Oh he was Fineeee! Sophia lols ;)

    Compared to Faith, Ebony was a dang on saint, lols. Lawd, she drove me batty, I felt bad for Mark at times...he couldn't win for loosing with her sometimes. Yep, Even though the females drove me a little nuts, the stories are were worth the read.

    Kiru's world building in Africa is pretty dang on cool.

  3. Sometimes the world building behind the story just makes me want to jump through my reader and be there. Africa is a destination place for me particularly the savanas and Mt. Kilimanjaro. I don't think I'm a jungle or desert person, but the rest sounds just fab. I'm curious to see the old with the new too when it comes to modern city and tribal village. My list is long of places to see.

  4. Oh that all men are jackasses because of a couple gets me too. I can see having that opinion but then when you've got a fine male standing in front of you that's nothing like the others why can't they just...see it?!

    That's pretty neat it's set in Africa. You really don't see too many spots outside of the US or England for setting. Or at least I don't. Australia now and again. Love that.

  5. I remember your review for the first one, I even won a copy at your old blog... and it's still sitting unread on my reader *hangs head in shame*

  6. need to get to reading it woman :) You won't be disappointed!

  7. goodness I wanted to shake her, lols. I seriously want to visit Kiru's Africa ;)