New Releases & Books Sales: Interracial-Multicultural Romance Genre

Hey Sexxy's! happy dang on Friday! OmuhGod, you don't even know how happy I am to say that. 
So, you know what I'm about to do and I know why you're here...leggo!

Book Sales - A couple I've seen on my wishlist with some serious price drops..that! my friends is always a good thing. 

Nerds are Freaks Too by KoKo Brown (dropped 6%) not that much, but I want to read it so bad...I brought it. I have a girl crush on KoKo Brown's books. 

New Releases - The ones below are my tops. They are either on my wishlist OR I already brought them and knowing my trigger finger...

(click on the pics takes you to Amazon)

I'm reading Making Scandal now. Gurls! the things I have to tell ya'll...look for the video review. I have to speak the words, not write them down. Kiru, Kiru, Kiru.

Run will be my weekend read..looking forward to it. I love Eve Vaughn.

After that I have to get back to my review books, no more jacking around *as my mother would say*

ya'll probably see some of these covers again in our Sunday post, but hey...there is nuthing wrong with looking a pretties :d

Happy weekend!

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