New Releases & Books Sales: Interracial-Multicultural Romance Genre

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hey Sexxy's! happy dang on Friday! OmuhGod, you don't even know how happy I am to say that. 
So, you know what I'm about to do and I know why you're here...leggo!

Book Sales - A couple I've seen on my wishlist with some serious price drops..that! my friends is always a good thing. 

Nerds are Freaks Too by KoKo Brown (dropped 6%) not that much, but I want to read it so bad...I brought it. I have a girl crush on KoKo Brown's books. 

New Releases - The ones below are my tops. They are either on my wishlist OR I already brought them and knowing my trigger finger...

(click on the pics takes you to Amazon)

I'm reading Making Scandal now. Gurls! the things I have to tell ya'll...look for the video review. I have to speak the words, not write them down. Kiru, Kiru, Kiru.

Run will be my weekend read..looking forward to it. I love Eve Vaughn.

After that I have to get back to my review books, no more jacking around *as my mother would say*

ya'll probably see some of these covers again in our Sunday post, but hey...there is nuthing wrong with looking a pretties :d

Happy weekend!


  1. You're welcome!

    Thanks for stopping by Melissa :)

  2. I have a trigger finger too, Sharonda. Nice finds! Nana and Kyra! I haven't read the others so I'll have to check them out. Oh wait, I have read Eve Vaughn.

  3. It's bad right! Lols. Thanks Sophia :)

    I've been hearing good things about eve vaughn's I'm glad I'm starting it.

  4. Hey sexxy momma Ms. Sharonda, have you seen the movie Belle? It's historical and the MC is of mixed race. I want to see it but it's not on in Netflix yet. I thought I'd mention it because it's something I know you will get into

  5. Hey gorgeous!

    oh yes, I have heard of Belle and I do so what to see it. I've been seeing more and more commercials for it and its killing me. I know I mentioned it on Twitter..somewhere...anyways. I need for Netflix to hurry up and add it. I may have to break down & get the DVD.