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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hey Ya'll! Welcome, welcome, welcome. Today I'm spotlighting Shyla Colt's about her newest book Always.

SERIES: Wesson Rebel M.C., Book One
BOOK GENRE: Motorcycle Club Romance
PUBLISHER: Hot Ink Press
PUBLICATION DATE: August 29th, 2014

I never understood the phrase there’s a thin line between love and hate, until Dallas Wesson and I, became us.

The beautiful green-eyed biker with the broken soul tantalizes me with glimpses of the man behind the vest. He‘s gravity. I have no choice but to return to him, regardless of what it costs me. Our story is messy, unconventional, uninhibited, and insane. Still, it’s real, and until now it’s always been more than enough. I’m broken, bleeding out, and completely wrecked. I walk away. Yet, he refuses to let me go. Because no matter how much I resist him we both know what lies between us is for always.


Cora stops in front of her black SUV and pauses.  “It’s okay. You don’t have to babysit me. I’m not going to fall apart. I have R-squared to think about.” Her eyes are hardened, and there’s no warmth in her voice. She’s like a robot. Alarmed, I glance at Danny. He gives a slight shake of his head.
“Honey, you’re not okay,” I begin. I run my hand down her arm.
“No, but I will be. I need to be alone right now, Ro. Please, I can’t.” She grips the door handle tight, like it’s the only thing keeping her on her feet. “I refuse to  go back to the woman once was. While you were gone I learned to swim in the big waves alone. I can’t lose that skill when I know I’m going to need it. ” Her eyes widen and her voice shakes. “You understand?”
“Cora, we’re your family,” I say wounded by the wall I’m watching her place up brick by brick.
“Yes, you are, nothing will change that.” She swallows and exhales slowly. “ A lot has happened, and priorities are shifting. You guys have to turn your attention to other things, and that’s how it should be.” Her words feel like a rip in the seams of our relationship. For so long it’s been the four of us, and now we’re down to three, with her back peddling so fast I can only describe it as running. Cora reaches out and takes my hand.  Her eyes soften. “Right now, we all need to play our parts. Wesson comes first. It’s the main priority. I can manage. Besides, Danny needs you know more than he ever has.”
“I’m fine,” Danny says immediately. I look into his dilated eyes and know she’s right. Damn you Dallas. I want to strangle him, but I know deep down he too is a victim of circumstance. You can only expect a man to shoulder so much weight.
Cora smiles sadly. “No, you’re not. None of us are, and we won’t be for awhile. Samson.” The use of his road name makes him stand a little straighter. “We know you never wanted this.  Life has a funny way of  forcing us into shit we want to avoid most.” She snorts. “Trust me on this. Thing is, you’ve always been good at fixing things.” She shoots me a knowing look. It’s like that with us. No words need to be spoken aloud. Danny’s holding on by a fragile string. I’m his lifeline. The very future of the club depends on it, so I suck it up, like we’ve all done time and time again.  I wonder once more what happened while we were away at college. Its clear Cora has taken to keeping secrets, and I want to know why. How could so much change in a year?
I watch helplessly as she climbs into the car, starts the car, and pulls out of the parking lot.
“Meeting.” Reapers rusty voice cuts through the noisy crowd like a hot knife through butter.
“I gotta do this Ro.” Danny bends down and kisses my head. He hasn’t said a word, but his eyes are wild.
“I’ll be waiting at the bar when you’re done Samson,” I say placing my palm flat on his chest. His heart is beating mile a minute, and I know Cora was right. This is where I need to be. I want to go back to before we unraveled.  He wraps an arm around my waist, and we walk back into the club. I never knew I’d miss that two-bedroom apartment and the small town where we attended so much. For the first time in our lives, we were allowed to put ourselves first.  As we go inside and he heads to church and I head to the bar I feel a divide the size of the Gulf of Mexico stretch between us. The club had swallowed us whole again, and this time I wasn’t sure we would come out on top. I sink down at the bar and time rewinds. Are we paying for the happiness we found away from the club?  I don’t have the answers, but I cling to the memory of those happy days because right now it’s all I have to keep me from bawling at this bar like a little bitch.

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Shyla Colt is a quirky genre hopping rule breaker looking to diversify romance and take readers on countless adventures. You never know where you'll end up or who you'll meet in one her books If you'd like to learn more or just drop a line, please check her out at
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  1. I am just loving you'll blog today...I am so on the fence about this one bc it is getting mixed reviews. I want to read it but I do not want to be sad...tear.

    I am waiting on someone who reviews I really like to give this one a go. You know how you read a book then you can never get it out of your head esp if it is a author you like. I am scared this might be like that for me.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.

    You know I've never been able to get into her other books. I mean, I liked them. Her character's weren't just doing anything for me, nor the stories. Which is why I want to read this one...I'm hoping its good. But, yeah, I've seen the mixed reviews. I read the sample and actually loved it...I think I going to give it a go though.

    I hope it's worth the read. I finally read a IR mc romance so I want it to be really really good, lols.

  3. Biker stories aren't my favem if the character is not a misogynistic prick I might read this otherwise I'll just pass

  4. Lols, smh. From the sample I read I think this one may be just for you Braine :)

  5. I haven't read a good motorcycle club romance in a while, so I kinda stoked to read this one. Yeah, that cover gets your blood pumping, lols.

  6. Wow! That excerpt leaves me all kinds of curious and it sounds intense. I haven't read many biker romances, but I might try this one.

  7. ikr! it has me all kinds of interested, lols.

  8. New to me author but you got me as soon as I saw the cover.

  9. Things looks good darling, my first motorcycle book wasn't a favorite but i am certainly willing to try again :)