Talking Zombies #25: S05E01 "No Sanctuary"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E16 "A"

Ana: HOLY. WAIT. WAIT, ANA! Calm yourself… *takes a deep breath* oooooh boy. I… WE!! Have waited soooo long for this! EEEEEK… Just… my emotions right now are all over the place! I’m just so happy it’s back! haha.

Sharonda: Breathe...Ana...Breathe, lols. Omg! That was just....just, Idk how to explain it. Whoa! I'm so happy it's back. So what did you think?!

Ana: Ahh. I thought it was a whirlwind! I was soooo on the edge for some reason. It might have been that extremely long break xD But, I thought it was good for the start of the season, I’m more excited about what’s coming next. WBY?

Sharonda: I thought it was one heck of a start. I mean just the first couple of minutes were jaw dropping. But, I agree....I'm excited to see what is coming ahead. I think this is going to be one hell of a season.

Ana: I do too, I think it’s gonna be a good season. AAAAAND ol’ boy from the first season is back! The black dude.. WHAT IS HIS NAME?! I just about jumped up and down on my bed when I saw him hahaha.

Sharonda: Morgan? Girl, I screamed...I mean literally.  See, now that is how you end an episode. Leave your fans with the #wtf face, lols!!!

Ana: YES! MORGAN! haha @ your #wtf face xDD I know the feels girl! Geez. I want to know what’s going to happen next, that teaser at the end always gets me ;( … and what about that last 10 seconds? The “THEN” part? WOW. I have no words.

Sharonda: I know! I'm always at the end of my seat when we get close to the ending. I'm still in like the afterglow of the show. Okay, I have to give Carol a big ass slap on the back. She did the damn thing tonight!

Ana: OMFG Carol was amazing! I know we had some bad words about her from last season… well sorta, but she definitely stepped up her game. And I was like, hell yes! xD I like how when she’s fighting with the other woman and the other woman is on the ground saying, "what it had to become. And we're still here." and Carol turns around and opens the door and is all, "You're not here...And neither am I."  YES! YEEEES! #CarolLinesOnPoint #DontFuckWithDarylsWifey xDD

Sharonda: lols! I know I had bad words..did not like her. But I felt she really redeemed herself.  Omg, I was like don't let that ho' win Carol. I like when she shot her ass in the give it up, bwahahaha. Yes! #CarolLinesOnPoint.  
I'm gonna need for Tyrese to man up some more. We can't have Farmer Tyrese. He too big for that shit.

Ana: I kinda agree with you here, but he did step up when ol’ boy had his hands around baby J’s neck… uhhh NO! You done activated #BEASTMODE step the fuck back cause you ain’t gon’ like it!

Sharonda: he did step up and damn if he didn't kick zombie butt too! Don't mess with Judith. That will get you killed for sure. I think Carol wanted to go in there and finish the job, lols

Ana: haha it was all over her face! She’s a mother for sure. That mother instinct went into overdrive the minute Tyrese mentioned that fool had his hands around her neck. Shoot, she was about to go in there and make sure the fucker was dead. Kinda reminds me of the song Cell Block Tango from the movie Chicago when one of the inmates was all, “ I fired two warning shots...IN. TO. HIS. HEAD.” haha that’d be Carol. Warning shots and all.

Sharonda: lols! Yep. What did you think of Rick? I don't think he is to be messed with this season.

Ana:  I’m 100% with you on this one. He sure the hell isn’t the one to mess with. But I done teared up when he saw baby Judith. That reunion got to me. Same with Daryl *insert sound of Ana’s heart breaking* sigh… Carol can have him… she’s too badass for me xDD

Sharonda: yeah, that was a teary eyed moment. I had several lumps in my throat. Daryl and Carol...*sigh* well if it must happen, then I guess it must happen :)

Ana:  haha.. we’re throwing in the white towels on that one… well, I know I am… I’m fine with ogling from my seat and watching him on the screen xDD

I’m super excited for next weeks episode… I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t want to think on it too much, because I do want it to be somewhat of a surprise… so no, I’m not going to go back and watch the next epi’s trailer a gazillion times xD

Sharonda: yeah right,  lols. I'm super excited to next week's episode. Cannot wait to see where we will be heading this season. I'm grabbing my seat belt cuz it's going to get shaky. Terminus was not ready for our group at all!
Question of the Week
What did you think of the season premiere?

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  1. LOLs @ Rick 2.0. Yes! I loved how he wanted to go back to Terminus after they done blew the place up. This premiere was very intense...I hope the whole season is like this :D