Talking Zombies #26: S05E02 "Strangers"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S005E02 "Strangers"

Ana: Tonight’s episode was a big cool down from the season premiere. Sharonda: It was a bit more calm that the finale..I thought it was still a bit intense but not so much. Ana: True. I will say this though, Rick’s character has definitely changed. He’s a hardass for sure. Sharonda: I think Rick’s character has definitely evolved from the first season. He has encompassed so many types of men. But I will say I like him more here...he’s more cautious and aware of what is going on around him. He is definitely teaching Carl a bit more...which I’m glad for. I’m happy he told Carl tonight that “you’re never safe” because in reality they aren’ matter where they set up...they just aren’t. Ana: I agree with you. I’m definitely liking this version of Rick and it sure as hell beats psycho-cray-cray-lock-me-up-in-a-cell-and-toss-the-keys Rick. I’m also liking his and Carl’s relationship as well. Carl is growing (woooooo), I remember when we used to hate his ass xDD Sharonda: lols@ all that you just wrote. I agree, but I think he needs that crazy at some point because look is what is coming at them now...the meat eaters from Terminus...smh. Sometimes you just gotta fight crazy with crazy. Ana: Tell me why I was sad when Michonne reached for her sword and it wasn’t there… sadness. sadness everywhere. lol @ the meat eaters… cannibals! you know what, I’m not too surprised about this. Nope *shakes head*. it was only a matter of time til the show ran into people eating other people to survive. Cannibalism is real! xD But uhmm.. the way they went about it. DISTURBING! Sharonda: IKR?! I was like where the hell is her sword, smh. I think she is pretty bad ass without but it’s was like a part of her character, right? so now this part is missing and it’s like wth? Yeah, it’s pretty nutty how they did it all. I mean just because you were terrorized, you can’t turn it around and start terrorizing people you claim you were trying to help in the beginning. But it gives you an insight into the mindset of folks when shit hits the fan. I don’t think Bob is gonna make it Ana, smh. I knew it...just knew it. Ana: You know what, I don’t think he’s going to make it either… but if he does….I dunno… I’m already feeling for Sasha at this point. : Sharonda: Yeah...I mean they just found this relationship and wham! this happens. Damn...that’s so messed up. What say you about Carol killing the walkers? I think she done lost it a little. Still badass, but she ain’t right up there. Ana: I think she’s just trying to survive. But she needs to let someone in. DARRYL! PLEASE FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR SANITY CAROL! Sigh. I’m about ready to throw something at her. I still love her. I just think she needs to stick with the group. Sharonda:lmbo! Yasss! I’m so with you on this. I think it’s the guilt of her taking the lives at the prison and then the girls and then her not being able to save Sophia...I think it’s all eating at her and she just doesn’t know how to deal. I hope Darryl is able to reach her before she breaks because I think she gonna lose her mind soon. Ana: AAAANNND speaking of Darryl… how about it’s about damned time Beth gets a mention again! FUCK! Miss that annoying brat xDD Sharonda: Gurl! don’t even get me started on Beth...about fudging time! I mean like come one and what the hell is up with Maggie NOT asking about her sister. I’m so done with her right now about that. But I’m glad Darryl recognized the car...shit, I was yelling at the TV too…”those the people who got Beth!”, lols. I hope they show her soon, I want to see how she is surviving in all of this. And Pastor Gabriel...oh man, what is he hiding?! Ana: You know what, I know. I love Glenn and Maggie, but they’re on the back burners right now xD haha.. I’m excited to see how the next episode plays out with Daryl and Carol following that car. Oooh. Pastor Gabriel…Again, I think it’s down to surviving. He knew supplies wouldn’t last? Maybe he locked people out of the church? But… we’ll see, I could be faaar off. Sharonda: Agreed again. His guilt is getting to him, so we shall see. So does our group get separated again? With Daryl and Carol looking for Beth and then we know the rest will be looking for Bob...should be some good and interesting things coming up. Ana: That is true about the Pastor. Yeah and when Sasha said, “three of our people are missing” it’s really only one person (Bob) because Daryl and Carol are on a goose chase. All in all, the episode was okay. Informative, but just okay. Nothing BAAAAM BOOM. Nope.. xD Sharonda: Yes, I was okay. Compared to the season finale...this was a very calm episode. We learned some things and gained a likely new person to the group. So we shall see where we go from here.

Question of the Week
Do you think Bob is going to die?

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  1. I was super sad when Michonne reached for her sword too. She needs to get a new one! I thought that Bob might have gotten bitten (why was he outside crying??), and now that cannibal thing... will they get infected? So many questions!! And, Beth! Bob is totally done for though, no doubt about it.

  2. I hope she finds another one because I just can't see her without it. I think I died a lil inside when I realized she didn't have it.

    I mean they ate his infected leg..just ewwww! I hope they get infected...I really do.

    Thank the gods above somebody finally spoke Beth ' s name. But im glad Daryl is on her trail..if anyone can find her, it would be him.

    Yeah Bob is a goner for sure.

  3. I'm so bummed about Michonne's sword too! I hope somehow she gets it back...I got a feeling those M*&kers just ate tainted beef...eeek! and the consequences are going to be a lot more serious than diarrhea...LOL I never thought I'd ever use that word in a comment..LOL
    Great discussion ladies :)

  4. We gonna need for them to the Michonne a replacement sword with a quickness. LOL!!! @ tainted beef & diarrhea, yaass! yup, I think they did and I hope they get it badly, lols!

    thanks for stopping by Loupe ;D