Anime Review: Hellsing Ulitmate OVA

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Review

I finished watching Hellsing Ultimate this past week. It was for me one of the most violent, bloodiest, goriest, brilliantly fantastic anime shows I've watched.  I stumbled upon this series while watching Toonami (a Cartoon Network program which features different anime series) one night.

I was intrigued right off the back because Alucard appealed to me, the series appealed to me. There was a vampire, guns and blood. And upon watching the first episode, the show really is as violent as the previews predicted.

There are several versions of Hellsing. There is Hellsing (13 epidsodes), Hellsing Ultimate (10 episodes) and Hellsing, the Dawn (3 episodes).  I have yet to watch Hellsing and Hellsing, the Dawn. I’m still in the afterglow of the Ultimate program, lols. Despite the different versions, the anime as a whole follows characters Alucard, Intergra Hellsing, Seras Victoria and Walter (the butler).

Hellsing Ultimate follows Alucard as he and his newly sired ward Seras Victoria deal with a crazy Nazi major who has declared war on England.

Alucard (which is Dracula spelled backwards) is the loyal servant of Integra Hellsing who is the direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing and at this time the only surviving family member. Since Alucard has declared his loyalty to Van Helsing, Integra is now his master. You will hear him say “my master” plenty of times throughout the series.

The Hellsing Organization, ran by Integra protects the Queen and England from creatures that go bump in the night…currently their main focus is vampires. They find out after several brutal attacks of ghouls (humans turned into vamps) that the attacks are not random and there is something much more sinister going on.

Alucard himself is brutal and at times sadistic. He cared not for the monsters he killed and seemly humans either. So long as Integra commands him and releases him at his full power, Alucard is undefeated. In the Ultimate shows, Alucard battles the Nazi major and his cohorts who are all different types of man-made monsters created to take on Alucard. He and the Hellsing Organization have to also deal with the Vatican and their army of holy priests…namely the priest Anderson who has held a century old grudge against Alucard.

The story was amazing; it was frightening and very intense. The fight scenes were epic and I liked how Dracula’s history was intertwined with the anime tale. There are flashbacks between the past and the present. The different bodies that Alucard embodied were another bonus. We saw him as a child, Vlad the Impaler and of course Count Dracula.  Just when I thought one of the many crazies took him on had defeated him, Alucard always managed to survive. But of course, he is Dracula…

In the end, he killed all 3 million plus familiars inside of himself with the exception of one. Took him 30 dang on years!

I don’t want to tell the whole dang on story so I’m going to stop here. I’m so glad I stumbled across this little gem; it was truly worth the watch. I don’t read comics or manga anymore so when I come across an anime that gets me all excited, I have to share it.

The only thing I didn't like was that there were times when folk was just talking to dang on much. Had me talking to my phone like "shut up already and get to fighting", lols. 

I’ll say again Alucard is what is missing in today’s vampires you read about. He is in this anime Dracula, he is without remorse, he is unforgiving…he is a monster. And he doesn't fucking sparkle.

Warning: sexual innuendos, nudity (breast being shown), there are two rape scenes (flashbacks), profanity, blood and gore. The Ultimate series is not for the light of heart.

Favorite Quotes
"How beautiful. Nights like this make me want a bite to drink. Yes...I couldn't imagine a more...perfect evening." 
"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."  


  1. LOL shut up already and fight. ::snort:: Blood-thirsty! I like it!

  2. I get bad when I'm watching TV sometimes, lols :)

    Bloody messy...I loved it! Alucard was fun to watch too

  3. I want to try anime but I'm such a old digger when it comes to my tv I got to do better. Because I never really watched any anime the closest thing I can think of I'm embarrassed to tell you about!

  4. I don't read manga or watch anime but my son does so I'll mention this to him.

    Speaking of Dracula, I'm excited for the movie because Luke Evans!! OMG!!! insta-wet panty

  5. Once in a while, some hard violence and excitement is just what is needed to deal with frustration and stress. ;) I'm with you on monsters acting like monsters, but I get in the mood for the mushy ones too so give me both. ;)

  6. I shared this with my son, since he loves anime and manga. I love how intense this sounds!

  7. Sailor Moon lol... My nine year old nephew I had to stop saying that bc it does not count.

  8. I remember Sailor Moon :)

    Your nephew is cute, lols.