Book Review: Unsettled by S.C. Ellington

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Source: ARC via NetGalley
Format: ePub
Self Published
Author: S.C. Ellington
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Sex: Medium Sexual Content

My Review

You know, I was going to give this book a 3 brazen babe rating because when I initially started reading this story, it started off slow for me. We got a lot of Brooklyn (the female protagonists)…we learned about her past breakup with her ex-boyfriend Damon, her now current life in Washington and how much she pretty much hates her boss (but seriously if he was my boss, I would hate his ass too).

I'll say the story picked up for me once she started to have more interactions with Logan (the male protagonists) and to tell you the truth, I wish this one was written from both their POV’s because it hurt like hell to be inside Brooklyn’s head.  What was my main peeve about being in Brooklyn’s head? Her constant whining about how the “case of the ex” broke her heart…just squashed it and how she didn't want to take a chance at “real” love again because of their horrible break-up.

IMO, it was seriously damn annoying…even with her dealings with Logan, she kept going on about it. Okay, yes he broke up with you (he was a selfish ass), yeah he cheated on you (he was a dumb ass) But to go on and on about it…ugh, ugh, ugh. How can you possibly hope to have another successful relationship with anyone else if you’re going to keep harping about how the fool broke your heart so bad? Riiiight…you can’t *sigh*.

Anyways, there is a reason why Brooklyn took the break up so badly... I’m not going to spill but it was pretty bad and sad…still not enough for her to be so dang on annoying though.

So now Brooklyn has met Logan a self made CEO, he runs some kind of company that works on bridges and stuff like that and Brooklyn herself works at a marketing firm…this is how these to meet.
I upped my rating to 4 brazen babes because I have to say that I did like the story as a whole because both Brooklyn and Logan had their own set of issues and learning how to trust again when it came to the relationship they started. Brooklyn had her issues because of what her ex did to her and Logan? Well he had his issues and it wasn't just with a past relationship, but he also had deep (and I mean) deep seeded family issues. But you really didn't get much of Logan…you just got bits and pieces but you were still able to pick up on these things about him. I also liked the supporting characters, Brooklyn’s friend Alex and her boyfriend Jay (which of btw was Brooklyn’s ex-boyfriend cousin). Mmm, hmmm….that’s right…you read my words right.

There were also some truly humorous moments between Brooklyn and Logan; they made for a cute couple. Honestly once you got away from Brooklyn and her constant “I don’t know if I can trust again” thingy, you were able to pretty much enjoy this story. There were some moments between all the characters that were funny and also heart-tugging. And of course, there was drama…queue the return of the ex-boyfriend Damon and his arrogance in even thinking Brooklyn would take him back after his jacked-up way of breaking up with her.

I’m adding some of my notes here just to show you guys just how much I got into this story. Lols, it was bad for me.

Good story, solid story line and excellent writing. I’m going to try the second book as well because I need to know how this relationship is going to end up. Brooklyn is a total idiot, but I won’t tell :D

My Rating

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  1. LOL omg your notes. I love em. I've had a character or two it hurt to be in there heads for sure. Glad it ended up being a pretty solid read for ya! I'd not heard about it. Looking forward to seeing what you think on the next one :)

  2. lols! thanks Anna. OMG, these characters worked me, lols. Had me hopping mad sometimes :D

    Good story, but I do wish we were in Logan's head too...Brooklyn by herself was too much at times.

  3. Have not heard of this. Glad you ended up enjoying it.

  4. Haha! Oh yes, I totally get where you are coming from. I can't read in public much of the time b/c I have such bad reactions when characters just can't let something go. Notes and written comments help, but I start talking to my reader too. At least, the rest of the story made up for Madam Brooklyn's issue.

  5. Oh Sophia..I wanted to talk out loud for this one, but couldn't. I was always reading this one somewhere I wasn't supposed to, lols.