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Happy Friday!

Well! it has been a minute since I've done one of these. I'm trying to get back on track BUT with work and other things, these posts will be done on a as need (as in...as I need to post them, lols) basis going forward.

So!..what am I'm doing? I'm letting you know whats on sale and if there are any new releases and/or pre-orders in the interracial/multicultural romance genre.
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New Releases/Pre-Orders

#99 cent Deals


some books available via
as well

that's what I got sexxy's. As always, check those prices before you get to "clicking"!

*updated...saw this via my FB feed. If you purchase Turnabout Day by Alexa Day via the publisher's website, it's .69 cents!

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  1. LOL those funny prices like 69 cents always male me smile. I saw one the other day 34 cents. O.o So random.

  2. I grabbed the Santiago brothers earlier. I am totally resisting a couple of those even if they're just $.99. I am determined to finish out the month with no new purchases. Thank you, you temptresses! Haha!

  3. I'm resisting getting Sienna Mynx ' s newest and it is hard! Lols. But I think I'm just going to wait, I did pick up a couple of the 99 cent ones and pretty much got all the freebies, ;)

  4. Gosh that book list! I can almost see the steam coming off from the heat level!



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