Series Review: The Golden Pack Alphas: The Complete Series

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: ebook (NOOK)
Winged Moon Publishing
Genre: Interracial Paranormal Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content

My Review

I purchased this one a while back and I was ready for some wolfy reading. The complete series encompasses all five books and revolve around couple Georgia Walker and Marcus Legrand.

Georgia is the daughter of the current alpha of the Golden Pack and Marcus is currently the beta. He is also an enforcer for the council that oversees all of the wolf packs. There is also a “council” over the council which is called the Alliance and that group has a representative for all species, humans included. So, yes “others” are somewhat out in Ms. Cremant’s world….not all humans know about them though.

As a whole I really enjoyed the stories in all five books. The gist: Georgia, Marcus, the Golden pack and with the help of the Alliance find out that there is a war brewing. A war where a crazed member of the council wants to basically rule the world, rouge wolves are being created and they are also testing on “special” hybrid wolves to use their DNA to make better rouges. Also during this finding out of an impending war, Georgia and Marcus are having their own issues and that is Marcus trying to catch Georgia’s butt from avoiding him all the time.

Georgia is a hybrid as well is Marcus. Georgia is a were-witch hybrid and her witchy side is very powerful. So powerful that she hides most of her powers in fear of losing her pack family and her mother also bound her powers when she was a child. Marcus is a were-vampire hybrid who is very aware of who and what he is. He also knows what he wants and he wants Georgia. Georgia on the other hand was a confused ball of mess. She wanted Marcus too, but because she was so afraid of him finding out what she really was…she kept running from him.

And this is where my frustration came in while reading. Through the first four books, Georgia pretty much denied Marcus at every turn…she also denied her ever growing powers. Marcus was a patient man though and pretty much waited her out. He was smart as well; he did little subtle things to bring down her defenses. Poor woman really didn't have much of a chance against him.

I however, was not patient at all, lols. If ya’ll could see the notes I wrote about Georgia…whoa boy, lmbo. And let’s not even start with the sexual tension that went on during the first four books. Do you know these two didn't even do it until the FIFTH book?! I kept saying, if somebody doesn't hump somebody soon….goodness!

There is really nothing new to what Ms. Cremant wrote as far as were’s, hybrids, conspiracies and a pending war between Supes go; we've seen it before in the paranormal genre. I did like how she made both Marcus and Georgia Alpha of their pack, it was a totally different element added to the wolfy world. I immensely enjoyed the world she created. I enjoyed her characters and the back and forth between Georgia and Marcus (even though chickie worked my nerves) was well worth the read. I was a little disappointed though that we didn't get a bit more of Georgia’s witch powers.

I was still on the edge of my seat and as each book ended, I wanted to know more. And I still want to know more. Ms. Cremant has promised that this lovely paranormal world will continue and that I’m glad for. There were some seriously sexy secondary characters I’m dying to find out about. And we get to read more of Georgia and Marcus even though these two now have their HEA.

Love your wolfy reads? Love Sexy paranormal characters? Then I think you will enjoy this one.

My Rating


All of the covers (because they are simply gorgeous)


  1. omg I'm dying. If somebody doesn't hump someone soon. ::snort:: I have SO felt that way. The heroes so often have the dang patience of a saint with these women.

    I love the hybrid thing. That can be so interesting to see play out :)

  2. Ah these women, lols. But Marcus...he was "dreamy" lols. I liked the hybrid aspect of the story myself ;)

  3. I love headstrong heroines but when they get too stubborn I want to thump them hard in the head and shake them senseless!

    Still it's great that Georgia's denials sounds like it's minor because obviously you loved the series. Your binge paid off :D

    P.S. Glad you got Shareaholic! :D

  4. Yaasss, lols. But like you said, it was minor and I still enjoyed the binge :D

  5. I adore wolfy reads and I can even tolerate a heroine in denial if it doesn't go on forever. I love the hybrid idea with the races so they can end up being almost anything. I didn't know about this set so I'll have to check it out.

  6. This story got my paranormal romance itch back. I have read one in a while so I'm glad when I starteed aagain, the read was worth it. The hybrid element was really done well, I liked her spin on it. I think Ms Cremant has a very excitING series on her hands.

  7. The covers are beautiful and the female heroine is a model I have never seen before, love that. I have not read this series but ya I am like you I would have wanted to use my phone a character power...Book five takes some patience, I would have had to have gone into this like i was reading urban fantasy or something:)

  8. Aren't the cover gorgeous? I love them. That is a good point Marcia, it did sort of read like urban fantasy at first, but eventually shifted to paranormal.