Tuesday Jams #97

Share it Please


Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above or make your own...and whether you have a blog or not, you can either leave your link in the linky below OR in the comment section.

You can show a video, a music player..whateva suites your fancy. Just remember to have some fun!

I saw this video in my FB stream like a month ago and about busted a gut laughing so hard because people just take songs and do their own thing with them. Well someone decided to mix Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street and with MOP's Ante Up and well, the rest is history.....

I can't...I just can't, LMBOOOO!!!
*there are several different videos posted on Youtube, but this one was more clear.

Linky up Ya'll
okay, I took a clue from my buddy Braine over at Talk Supe. With this meme, I've decided to just have folks add there label link. Instead of posting every Tuesday, just add  your label link for this meme and that way whenever you choose to do a Jam, it will show here regardless. Let's make this easy eh?


  1. Hahahaha!! I almost spewed coffee out my nose thanks to you! Good ol' Bert & Ernie. I'm currently addicted to U2's new album; my audiobooks are being serious neglected as a result. Poor things. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Everytime I watch this....im laughing so hard. Too much I tell you, lmbo!

    Glad you enjoy ed it :D

    I got chris brown on auto play right now.

  3. Thanks for this post. It's a toss up between Sam Smith's Stay with Me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB-5XG-DbAA) and Ariana Grande's Problem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS1g8G_njx8)

  4. Ooooo, good choices and hard to choose. Both are amazing artist ;)

  5. So this post has inspired this Pinterest Board -- http://www.pinterest.com/allynlesley/those-damn-catchy-beats/. Tell me what you think? :)

  6. omg that is hilarious! The things people come up with. ::snort:: I'll hopefully be back to these in November. With the happiness challenge I was getting way too many posts so had to give memes a little break.

  7. OMG I've been a Taylor Swift Shake It Off repeat for DAYS!!! Don't judge, I just love the song, puts me in a good mood every time

  8. Oh and you guys should add shareaholic so we can take turns blasting our posts

  9. lols....this was one the funniest things I've seen in my FB stream in a while :0

  10. Taylor Swift? lols. eh...not a fan. You and Ana are killing me this week with that chick ;)

    I'm goin gto try Shareaholic again. I didn't work for me the first time. I'll probably have to ask Ana to to put in the code since she did the design. I don't want to mess anything up, lols.

  11. lolol! I haven't seen the Bert & Ernie thing before

  12. All you can do is sit there laughing or with your mouth hanging open ;)



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