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Happy Friday!

So!..what are we doing? We are letting you know whats on sale and if there are any new releases and/or pre-orders in the interracial/multicultural romance genre.
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New Releases/Pre-Orders (Nov-Week 1)

99 cent Deals/Freebies

Also Pulling Me Close by Renee Kelley

Welp lovelies, that's what we have for the first week of November. I'll show a couple of more in our Sunday post...those pre-orders that showed up on my Kindle ;D

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  1. Nothing for me; I already grabbed ANGEL BAIT when it hit shelves last Friday at the $0.99 price tag, haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'll be sure to check-out your Sunday post to see what other pretties you bought!

  2. Angel Bait looks good. We did a cover real on it and it caught my eye then. And a new Ambrielle!

  3. I think I'm going to have to grab Bait up, I saw a review on I Smell Sheep and it sounds like something I can get into. Love Ambrielle, I have it for review, so can't wait to dig into it.

  4. Oh cool, I'll look forward to your review. I can't touch this one right now b/c I already have a couple others of hers that I need to read first.
    I really am fingering Angel Bait since its on sale even if I can't read it for a while.

  5. Hey Carmel, awesome! I do hope you get to read it soon. thanks for stopping by!

  6. that's what I been doing too, I think I might go ahead and take the plunge

  7. Me too! I'm budgeting hard, but I can swing $.99. ;)

  8. There are just too many books that wanna come home with me Sharonda. Too...many...books. lol I still have Angel Kin on my tbr list. Dang I can't believe it's already been 2 more books. *hangs head*

  9. Sorry Anna ;) my Tbr pile is screaming why? Sharonda why? Lols

  10. Thanks Sharonda! Have a few of these already! Will check out the others!

  11. These sound great. Reckless Attraction looks great. Thanks for sharing these.

  12. ya welcome ;) can't wait to start it.

    thanks so much for stopping by!



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