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How was ya'lls Thankgiving? Did you eat enough Turkey to the point where you can't move? that was me, lols. Today, I'm eating leftovers and relaxing. Gonna finish up some reading and you know...just relax.

Today, I'll just be showing new releases in the Interracial/Multicultural genre. Can you believe the month is almost  over? this year is moving way too fast for my taste. Ah well, below encompasses the rest of the month of November 2014.

Happy Reading & Spending Brazen Dolls & Guys!
*just found out you can't see the widgets on cell phones...sorry!

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  1. Maybe it's my phone but I can't see anything in this post! Sad face! Gonna have to get on my laptop.

  2. Hey Harper, yeah it's definitely the phone. Can't see it on mines either. I used the Amazon carousel widget. ..I bet that's why it's not showing. And here I thought I try something new.

  3. It won't let me see it in the browser :(

  4. Sigh, okay Def won't be using Amazon carousel anymore :( this sucks

  5. That Pirate Rogue book looks good. I haven't read a good pirate story in a long time.

  6. Nice...time to shop till I drop..LOL Have a lovely weekend Sharonda!

  7. Ooo so many pretties! They don't show though if you have an ad blocker either. I took it off for your site and they popped up :) I just wanna read all day please Sharonda. And eat pie between chapters. lol

  8. Ah, lols. And I went back Amazon and saw that they did have the cell phone pic crossed out for the Carousel. Lesson learned.

    Me too Anna, had family over all weekend. Can't wait to have my house to myself.


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