#BookReview: The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone

Monday, December 29, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Series: NA
Published: November 4, 2014
Author: Railyn Stone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Mild to Medium Sex
Available: Amazon | BN | ARe | Kobo

My Review

Sydnee who is eight years older than Quinn is recently divorced and is adjusting to being a single mom to her twin boys. She meets Quinn when she takes her boys shopping for a Christmas tree. Quinn works at his uncles tree farm every year to help out, he is also a fitness trainer full time.

I liked the story because of Quinn to tell you the truth, he was younger than Sydnee but he knew exactly what he wanted. He was a straight shooter and he told Sydnee upfront that he didn't play games. So why she gave him such a hard time throughout the story? IDK, but I do know that ol' girl worked my damn nerves. She was too much with the back and forth about her feelings. I mean I got her reservations about dating a younger dude...and he is white...and she has kids and what will her family & friends think, but my gawd! and then there was her mother...

jeezus take the wheel

I just felt that she was giving way too many bs excuses not to be with Quinn mainly because of their age difference even though he proved time and time again that he was a stand up dude.

Overall? The Christmas Tree Guy is a good story with decent characters and just enough angst in it. Drove me more than a little nuts at times, but I still enjoyed it. Sydnee had to realize that sometimes what some folks think isn't good for you is exactly what you need. This is a nice pick you up for the Holidays.

My Rating

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  1. Oh yeesh! Why must people drama out over age especially if the guy is mature and stable like that. I read a sports romance this year where the gal was a decade older with kids and she made everything about the age working really hard to ignore the fact that he was actually more put together than she was.
    Still! Sounds like it has some really good points too.

  2. That was this one too and even after she decided to give it a go, she was still worrying about too many things other than the fact that Quinn was good for her.

    The story had really good points Sophia, he was good with her kids...spent time with all of them and not just her, plus it helped that he liked older women, lols. But still I would have like Sydnee's attitude not to have been so against the idea of her and Quinn.

  3. Exactly! She wasn't focused on the important stuff.

    Oh, I love it when they accept the kids too.

  4. see, that's what I thought. I kept saying "stop making all these excuses and just give it a try!" lols. Quinn was just what a good guy should be and she had little ones...think they were like 5

  5. Great review, Sexxxy. Sydnee sounds like she would get on my nerves a bit too. Glad you were able to enjoy it though :)

  6. thanks Mel! Yeah, she took some getting use too, lols.