#BookReview: Junglecat Honeymoon (Manattan Ten 3.5) by Lola Dodge

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Series: Manhattan Ten 3.5
Published: December 2, 2014
Genere: Superhero Romance
Available: Samhain (free)

My Review

So you marry the man that completes you and you complete him. He is the only one that can deal with your ice and he loves you fiercely for it.

Everything is good. The wedding was perfect, the dress is perfect, the guest were perfect, your friends are perfect. Your mother-in-law?....not so much.

She decides that she must challenge you...that you must prove that your are worthy of her son, that you will protect her son. Pfft! did this woman not know who Ivory is? smh, I don't think she does.

Oh, but she will learn and so will the rest of Panther's tribe when they decide to kidnap Ivory and drop her in the hot ass jungle somewhere in friggin South America and then...then they had the nerve to take her ice, her power. Well! Ivory needs her power, but she is still kick ass without it. On the eve of her wedding day, she has to fight her way to her new husband and battle some of Panther's people to get to him...including his hot as hell muthafudging brother, Quan.

This was a quick and fun read, I absolutely loved it. Ivory and Panther are just so hot and cold together...I love their love. And I just adored how all the time Ivory was fighting her way to her man, she maintained her warrior instincts and didn't kill any of Panther's people, but I bet none of them won't mess with her anymore, lols.

Junglecat Honeymoon is a great addition to the series. Ivory has grown so much...she seriously reminds me of Storm from X-Men, a warrior queen just kicking ass when it needs to be kicked. I do suggest that you read Panther's and Ivory full length tale, Ivory first before you jump into Junglecat Honeymoon...it gives you so much more about both of them.

So we now have a new character in play, Quan...Panthers brother and I'm willing to grant him a little lead way because he's hot and like to walk around without a shirt on. Melissa over at Lily Element and I get to share brothers now, no more fighting over big ol sexxy ass Panthers ;D. Thank you Lola Dodge...you are the best. I look forward to reading more about him...he's describe as a bit wild, so I'm wondering what female is going to tame this jungle cat.

And I end with this. I get that what his mother was trying to do BUT if old girl would have kidnapped me at my wedding reception and dropped my ass in the hot ass jungle, after all is said and done...she would have gotten more than a icy stare.

drop me in the hot muggy ass jungle...oooo, lady! straight Bruce Lee on that butt!

My Rating

*Bonus Round
I haven't done a review inspired song in a while now. So I'm listening to Nicki Minaj & all I could think of was Only when I was reading this..I think it fits Ivory perfectly, I mean she is a bad mojo. What do you think Lola?

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  1. How did I not know about this series? It sounds good stuff. Loved the sassy review, Sharonda! Yeah, new MIL would not just get an icy stare. Can you say marooned on a polar ice cap, lady?

  2. Lols! Exactly Sophia ;)

    It's a super fun series and this one is free via her pubs website too

  3. Oh, thanks for the freebie tip. I could get it and save it until I've read the others.

  4. Love it!!!! I'm putting that on Ivory's 'being a badass' playlist :)

  5. Woot! Lols, what a fun story...loved this Lola :)

  6. This is so cool & I hate sharing book boyfriends too LOL. Lola is such a cool chick!

  7. Nope, there no fun in sharing them...lols
    Lola is awesome for writing his brother :)

  8. Great review, I'll read this series - and maybe will want a piece of the brothers, beware ^^

  9. I used to hate reading books that featured weddings, but now that I have gotten married I love 'em. Funny how that works, eh? Doing prep work with my MIL was... challenging to say the least. However, I highly doubt she's as bad as Ivory's.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  10. Thought I had commented on this already! But yayyy so glad you read it :D Will trade out Panther and Quan mmmm