Reading Challenges Update

Below are my updates since the last time I did this, lols. Can you believe the year is almost over? Smh, it's crazy.

BnB Challenges

2014 Interracial/Multicultural Romance Challenge

Since Sept, I've read 7 books. I'll give a total count of how many books I've read throughout the year when the challenge is over.

2014 Series Challenge

1/Golden Alpha Pack by Laurel Cremant ~ I have 1 more series to complete for the year and I'm done.

Non BnB Challenges

Historical Romance Reading Challenge - hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup

1/Talk Sweetly To Me by Courtney Milan ~ I have 5 more books to read. Not so sure if I can squeeze that amount in, but we shall see.

I officially dropped out of the TBR list challenge. There was no way I could go back and read books that I purchased back in 2013. And trust me, I wanted too, but just didn't find the time. Maybe I'll try it again in the new year...

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