Happy... Erm... Late New Year!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

We know we're a bit late... but better late than never... right?! :p

Ana: What is up guys! First and foremost, I want to wish all of you great health, happiness and prosperity! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year as well as Christmas. I’ve been uber busy with moving and we’re finally settled, so I can devote more time to the blog and all of you!

Sharonda: Hey Ya’ll. Happy New Year, Merry Past Christmas and all that jazz, lols. How was ya’ll Holiday? Mines? I slept...partied some...slept again, lmbo!

Ana: We have quite a bit in store for you this year! (Yes, I know, how will we ever do it all?!) Well, Sharonda and I have added all this to our New Years resolution for the blog! What exactly will we be doing on the blog this year? Well, I guess you’ll find out as the days, weeks, months tick by xD

Sharonda: oh, she so secretive :D But yes, we have some things planned. I’m a blabber mouth so I’m gonna stop talking now...

Ana: BUUUT to kick it all off, we will be doing monthly topics at the beginning of each month, and the topic/post will go on throughout the whole month. We’ve decided to kick up our brazenness and be a little more bold, a little more daring. Put on our big girl panties and venture into the world of chaotic mess that will be a big ol’ pot of SharondaNAna stew if we step foot in someones feelings. But, do we care? EEHH. Yes and no. Yes, we care that everyone has opinions, no we don’t care if we get bashed for the topics we put out there. We have voices too, we can voice our opinions and have ongoing debates with anyone who wants to participate.

Sharonda: I can be bazen, daring and what else she got up there? hmmm...oh! I’m good at sexxy!

Ana: Lol yes, hun, you’ve got sexxy down to a T! *winks*

Sharonda: No, we don’t really care...nah just kidding. We care, but we are all adults. I myself have no tolerance for BS and as I get older, that tolerance level is going *in deep voice* down, down, down. As I’ve said before, if you are respectful of the Brazen Babes, we will be respectful of you cause you know…#aintnobodygottimeforthat

Ana: Lol, I’m the same way, I’ve been carrying this “IDGAF Mentality” around as of late, but I know my limits. Of course I have respect, but I’ve just got no time for bs. #SharondaAintGotTimeForThat xD

Sharonda: LMBO @  IDGAF mentatlity...oh I gots to steal that from you! You know I’ll get em Ana :D.
So what are your plans so far Missy? got any blogger goals?

Ana: Yepp, bigger, better goals. Definitely be more active within the blogging community as well as our blog. But definitely getting things done for me. Moving forward in my life. I’ve got not time for games, and games sure as hell ain’t gonna have time for me. I’ve got my ass kickin’ boots on and I’m ready to get my shit together. What about you?

Sharonda: Pretty much the same as far as blogging goes. I do plan to cut down on blog tours, I want to spend more time here at BnB, you know? I also want to not just review romances, I want to read some non-fiction, women’s lit...you know go out of my comfort zone some. But my main genre will still be IR-MC romances. I also plan on commenting more on my blog visits, not just sneak peaking, lols. Personally, I’m just going to focus on ME! be a more pro-active with my life in general...I’m just a tiny bit of a procrastinator *smiles innocently*

Ana: Ooooh. Comfort zone challenge = activated! We should totally make a new challenge xD I do that too, I visit blogs and I’m like “hey that was a great post” but I get too lazy to type xD haha @ tiny bit of a procrastinator, girl…. you know we’re huge procrastinators *shouts it from the rooftop* bwahaha. But I do plan on working on that.

Sharonda: We got a plan on this challenge :) lmbo! Thats me in a nutshell. 

Welp, that pretty much covers what will be going down here at BnB this up and coming year. We don’t want to release too much, but there will be stuff! lots… and lots… lol Again, I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a great rest of your year :)


  1. Euuuh, did you JUST notice that 2015 has arrived? That musta been one hell of a book you were reading to make you lose track. ;) Can't wait to see what scandalous topics you ladies come up with for your monthly discussions!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. Happy New Year ladies! Looking forward to more smexy reviews from you both ;)

  3. You gals crack me up. Had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing New Years. Look forward to another year with you all.

  4. LOL Happy late New Year ladies :D That's awesome about branching out and trying other genres. I need to do more of that I know. I'm gonna try for more cozy mysteries this year. Can't wait to see yalls discussion topics!

  5. Look forward to seeing where the gals with the plan take us this year. Happy New Year!

  6. I just want to see more of you, Ana, get out of your cave and mingle more here!

    I look forward to more brazen posts!

  7. Happy New Year ladies! Always nice to set a few goals, especially with blogging. I cut back on blog tours last year... so better to be stress free. I still pick them sometimes, to fill gaps or f something catches my eye.

    Right now, I am trying to just catch up! I am sooooooo behind because I have been away, trying to catch up on comments right now!

    Have a good week!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  8. lols! we always late Carmel :)

    thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hey Lori! :)

    thanks for stopping by...see you around the blog-o-sphere in 2015!

  10. thanks Capri! same here..happy 2015!

  11. oooo, can't wait to see those reviews Anna! We be discussing some things so it should be interesting, lols :D

  12. I told her Braine...I told her ;)

    Happy 2015!

  13. Happy New Year Naomi! Yep, I totally agree...a stress free blogger is a happy blogger :D

    Have a awesome week!

  14. Happy New Year, Naomi! Oooh, girl I'm playing that catch up game as well haha. Thanks for stopping by, have an amazing week!


  15. lol better late than never. Happy New Year ladies. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2015.

  16. Happy, happy New Year to you all! I hope the new year brings everything you hearts desire. Is never too late! I wish you luck with all your goals :)

  17. Thank you Loupe! Wishing you the best!

  18. haha. BRAINE! I'm here... or you know... attempting to be here! Thanks for stopping by :p

  19. WTG, girls! Looking forward to the awesome new things : )

  20. Happy new year, girls, enjoy - we'll always be happy to read you ;)