#AudioBookReview: Broken Open by Lauren Dane

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Format: Audio Book
Hours: 9:49:16
Narrated by Kate Turnbull
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Rocker Romance
Formats: Amazon (Print) | Amazon (eBook) | BN (eBook and Print) 

My Review

I’m giving Ms. Dane’s Broken Open 4 Brazen Babes and I’ll tell you why. IMO, the story was a bit long in the teeth. It took too long for these two to admit their love for one another. Now, I got the whole issue of both Ezra’s (just love his name!) and Tuesday’s (loved her name too!) pasts. Ezra being a former heroin addict and dealing with the guilt of what he did to his family/friends as then “said” addict. Then Tuesday who is in some ways dealing with the guilt of feeling like she is betraying her now dead husband because of the strong attractions/feelings she’s having towards Ezra.

Both were equally strongly written characters, I liked how Ms. Dane portrayed them. But I have to give her major props on Tuesday’s character. Now before I go into this next statement…please some of ya’ll don’t get your panties or drawers in a bunch. Being that Ms. Dane is a white author, I as a WOC I am glad that she took the time to give little details on Tuesday’s character…that it seemed she did some research and didn't stereotype her character. Like how she noted how Tuesday had to wait on a particular hairstylists to come to their town in order to get her hair done or when she had to explain to Ezra why she needed to sleep with a scarf on her head when she stayed at his house (although I don’t think Ezra cared much if she did or didn't, lols). POC tend to get heavily written as a certain way, so again I’m glad Ms. Dane took the time to write Tuesday the way she deserved to be written. As a woman first, a woman who is struggling with her feelings about a man she is having an “intense” relationship with.  I say intense because that’s how the relationship between Tuesday and Ezra was described.

She did indicate some racial tensions; Tuesday had an issue with someone. Although the issue itself and racial difference between Tuesday and Ezra were discussed, it did not take over the story.

Again, some of ya’ll do not get your panties/drawers tight. I personally feel that we shouldn’t have to read about race issues every time an IR/MC romance is written. Can it be stated/mentioned? YES! Of course, because let’s face it…even in today’s society, racial tensions/conflicts are out and about. And unfortunately, not everyone is happy to see people of different races get together and make happy families. But when I’m reading my romance, I myself want to get lost in the story…in the main couple’s love. NOW if race revolves around the plot/story arc or the couple’s relationship, then that is a different story.

Okay, I’m stepping off the stage and back into this review. The story is very character driven, you get a lot of both Tuesday and Ezra and I can appreciate that as a matter of fact, I loved it. BUT this also has me going back to my main point…the length and time it took for their HEA. Ya’ll, it just took too damn long. Hearing Ezra’s guilt and him not being able to forgive himself EVEN after his family did. Hearing Tuesday go on and on about how she was “okay” and her and Ezra’s relationship was just sex (good sex btw)…it was just at times just a bit too much. I was 7 hours into the audio and there were times I just wanted to skip over some of it all, but I didn't.

Things I loved:

That Tuesday pushed but didn’t push Ezra. That she didn’t give up on him even when he was drowning in self loathing and shame. She made him want to come back for her.

The sense of family on both Ezra’s and Tuesday’s side was good. It was fun to hear the interactions with their parents/siblings.

I adored the relationship between Tuesday and Natalie (her best friend and Ezra brothers girlfriend…see how this all ties in *big grin*) It was so heartfelt and something so deep. You knew these two ladies got each other.

Even though this is a rocker in this romance, the story wasn't overblown with bands issues. Things were mentioned but she didn't go into a lot of detail. Again, this is a character driven story.

The sex scenes were done well and I liked how the narrator handled them. She more described them; you didn’t hear all the moans and grunts…so I liked that. Sometimes, it doesn't sound so good when you’re listening to the audio…folks almost sound uncomfortable.

The narrator did a fine job. She handled the voices of each character awesomely and trust me; she had a lot of characters to cover. So kudo’s to her for pulling it all off.

Come to Jesus moment:

Now I admitted that Tuesday was a strong character BUT her mother-in-law…ooooooo ya’ll! Ain’t that much patience in the entire world. Her ass and HER husband’s too would have been beat into the ground a long time ago, probably before the husband passed away. Especially given the fact that Tuesday’s husband didn't have a good relationship with the jackasses anyway, I’m telling ya’ll ass KICKED! I really wanted someone in this story to commit murder on these people. A bloody, horrible, painstakingly slow death murder!

All and all… a good story, good on audio too. I say add it to your pile.  Ms. Dane did a good job with the characters and the story itself (although she took forever with it, lols) Tuesday and Ezra are characters you will love, their story too. A recommended read if you are looking for a sexxy contemporary romance and you don’t mind a little country in your rockers or a little color to your romance.

My Rating

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  1. I agree this is about fantasy..reality is hard enough. Great review Sharonda. I am going to go listen to a clip

  2. This is one of Shari's authors and I think she read and liked this one too. One of these days I'll get to it. You guys have me convinced. ;)
    I agree about not having patience when stories stretch out the denial too long and you want to do a reader intervention into the story. Ha!
    I love interracial stories that don't overbalance into a cliche or sociology project, but still manage to touch on the racial facet of the story. Sounds like the author balanced that right here especially since they had a few other issues already on the table.
    I just played your song twice. I love it and its new to me.

  3. Yep! Thanks Kim ;)) I tried to touch on points without giving too much away

    Have a awesome week!

  4. Omg, I was like cone on already you guys...lols. first time reading her, I'll definitely pick another book up of hers. I'm Def going to read the first book in the series.

    That's my thing too Sophia. I think she did a very good job with the balance ;)

    I haven't listened to Corrine B in a while..she has the most amazing voice. She sings like this crazy contemporary jazzy type songs

  5. Great review. I have read a few books by this author.

  6. Great review, Sexxxy! I haven't read this author yet, but I do like the sound of the book. I always get confused on why people get pissed off at interracial dating/marriages. I'm the child of one, and I'm in one as well. Glad to hear the book was good :)

  7. Thank you! She's new to me, but I'll d efinitely will be .checking out more her work

  8. Thanks Mel!

    Coz their stupid, ignorant...I can go in and on, lols. But I digress. You can't help who ya love and if they make you happy...it's even better ; )

    I gotta say, it was a good story. ..it's enjoyed it a lot.

  9. Girl! Omg, I didn't like those characters at all...they were awful!

    Yes...I agree with that. Just very well done and you're eight..most don't get it right...glad she did.

  10. Great review Sharonda!! And you made me LOL. Plus you made me think, I don't think I've read anything with a Spanish character before, but I sure wouldn't like it if they have them, let's say eating tacos, or any stereotipical things just to give the character authenticity, I know most the stereotypes aren't true, so I totally get your point. I've not listened to anything by this author before, looks like I've been missing out.
    Tell me how you fell about the in laws, again, LOL

  11. Exactly Loupe...same as if saying a Asian person is good with Math...it's just bothers me sometimes how at stereotypical society can be sometimes, it's crazy. Why can't folks just be who they are first? Like Ms. Dane, at least research or ask before you start writing.

    Girl, the in laws were horrible....horrible. LOLS! I was mad for Tuesday's character, it was bad, lols.