Bought, Borrowed & Bagged #16

Sunday, January 4, 2015

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed & Bagged) is a weekly meme, inspired by The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie, where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won or gifted) plus a recap of the previous week's review, upcoming reviews, on going events and book movie or television news.

BB&B is an homage Barron's Books & Baubles from Karen Marie Moning's smash hit series, Fever.

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Happy After New Year! How Ya'll doing? I hope everyone had a safe and sane night going into 2015. I stayed home. Another slow week...I caught a couple of sales and TU again to Kiru Taye, I am so looking forward to Ben & Selina's story...this is their last book and I have to say I am sad to see them go, but I feel we will see them in future stories. TU Shari @ The Delighted Reader for the awesome reads! As you can see Daryl & Michonne are protecting them :D

Well, there is another Taken coming out. I don't know...I mean I love Leeham and all, but I think they should give this franchise a rest. I mean how many people can keep coming after this guy??

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2015 is going to be fun! 

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  1. I hope you enjoy MBanks and that's so sweet of Kiru T. Where the heck is Anna???

  2. Oh these look good...looks like you have some great books!!

  3. Thanks Sophia, looking forward to the reads ;)

    Ugh, took me forever, but I finally got it done, lols

  4. Been looking forward to reading her erotica. Kiru is too sweet, I 💖 her.

    Ana moved so, I'm waiting for her to get settled again, you guys will see more of her in 2015 :)

  5. I'm too exciting to read all of these ;)

  6. That's okay. I remembered that you said you guys were having internet troubles.

  7. Then I had to find photos. I had another one in mind, but don't know if I should go with it though. Still thinking on's where you read one author for a maybe a two weeks or a month..

  8. Shari and I kicked around a few choices for our challenge photos back and forth trying to figure out what suited the spirit of the challenge. Whew! I get how long and hard that can be/take.

  9. I have yet to read those Maya novels. Look forward to see what you think.

  10. I've been dying to try her erotic stories...looking forward to the reads ;)