New Releases ~ IR/MC Romances (January 1 to Today)

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So!..what are we doing? We are letting you know of any new releases and/or pre-orders in the interracial/multicultural romance genre. I'll do #99 centers and #freebies maybe this weekend. All of the below are from the beginning of January (sorry, I've been slacking...)

**Authors/bloggers, if you come across a book in the IR/MC genre and want to add it to our list on Friday's...hit us up!

*remember to click on the blog post to share it...many thanks!


  1. I don't know these books and authors, thanks for the intro/education :)

    Happy weekend girls!

  2. some of these look really good, and I have been wanting to read more interracial romance.

  3. ya welcome gorgeous!

    Have a awesome weekend!

  4. really good read up there :) thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Oh man so many books! I so need my Amazon privileges taken away. I'm not to be trusted. lol

  6. Slacker! Haha! Quite alright since I managed to trip over all sorts of goodies all on my own. Oh, but I spotted two that look good. Thank you, Sharonda!

  7. Lols! I was Sophia...I hadn't posted any a ice December. But im getting back on track ;)

    Enjoy and happy national readathon day!

  8. Bwahahaha, I say the same thing Anna :)

    Happy national readathon day!

  9. Hey Naomi! Enjoy!

    Happy National readathon day!

  10. I absolutely love the name of this Blog! Totally fun and sexy! Hugs...

  11. That's quite the list, and here I was thinking that I was ready to stick a fork in January, and call it done. Apparently some of my February ARCs will just have to wait a little while longer.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  12. Lols..I didn't know January had so many releases :) goodness

  13. I wonder why the list it's not showing for me. I switched to google chrome from Firefox, but nothing :( I might missing something?



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