#VideoBookReview: Scores by Kiru Taye

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey Ya'll! Today, we have another video review. Today's review will be on Kiru Taye's Scores, conclusion of Ben and Selina's story *tears*. I loved this story guys, click on the video below to find out why :D

Format: eBook (Kindle)
Published: November 19, 2014
Series: Passion Shields #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
*BDSM Elements, M/F/M, F/F
Available: Amazon | BN | ARe | Smashwords

*you will see the book cover in the video

My Review

We have a new feature here at Brazen Babe Reviews too, we will be noting which books that were our favorites/tops picks throughout the year. So I might as well start with this post since I just lurved it to pieces, lols.  

*Interracial-Multicultural Romance Reading Challenge
*Books n Tunes Challenge
Song choice ~ Stuck on Stupid by Chris Brown
the first verse of the song just resonates with me because Ben was always calling Selina "Beauty"

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  1. Another wonderful review courtesy of Sharonda! I wish I could do vlogs... Your new feature will be a great addition to your blog. I hate waiting until the end of the year to find out peeps' top reads, so this is a lovely workaround. Happy Friday!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. I see a lot of her books coming through my tribber feed. I definitely like my erotica with a strong and compelling story, I'm glad the ending was satisfying for you :) You looks so comfortable infront of the camera...I can only wish I could do the same. I hate pic, videos and my voice on tape...LOL

  3. thank you Carmel :)

    I feel the same way about top reads and after talking to Ana, our little feature became realized. Happy Friday!

  4. She is becoming one of my favorite authors Loupe. Ben & Selina's story truly did get better with each book and that I'm grateful for, it was the perfect ending for them.

    thank you! I'm still working on getting my thoughts together as I do these things. I'm definitely a work in progress, lols. Trust me, it took me a minute to get comfortable doing these ;)

  5. I should really read her because she is such a darling plus it seems like every book of hers that you read was a winner. And you look lovely as always, maybe I'll do a video blog this year, I'm too shy though! LOL

    P.S. So Pure Sin series is a mexican girl and a white boy, is that interracial or multi racial? LOL Sorry for this stupid question but I want to make sure I'm PC. Thanks in advance for the education!

  6. I can't remember if it was you, but I think I heard good thoughts on this series before. I like alot of what you're saying about this series. I like that the story is compelling even while its hot and that the heated scenes make sense in the story. His uncle sounds like the love to hate character.

    Yay! A Books N Tunes book song. Love it!

  7. she is such a sweetheart and I can't say I've read a book by her that I didn't like yet, lols. Girl, it took me a while to get the nerve to try this, lols...but once I started, its not so bad. Thank you! :D I still want to work on my thoughts :) This was something of a challenge thrown at me to try to be a lil more outgoing :)

    that would be interracial. It's multicultural if say she was of mix race...mexican/black. Girl I get confused sometimes myself and sometimes authors don't categorize their books correctly either. No problem :)

  8. The series has definitely grown, I have to say Kiru really just did her thing with these two characters. Its such a awesome story, I'm really sad to see their story end. His Uncle was a mess, he was most definitely a character to hate...didn't like him at all. How Ben became the man is was while living with that man is amazing, but the is a testament of Kiru's writing.

    Yay! I had to add a song to this story and you guys challenge fit perfectly :D