Monthly Topic #1: Who Shot Cupid?!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello and welcome to Brazen Babes very first (yep, our very first) monthly topic post! *and the crowd applauses with much enthusiasm* go ahead, keep clapping, we’ll wait *winks* Alrighty! For a quick introduction, our monthly topics are going to be about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. And we’ll keep is as BRAZEN as possible... we don’t believe in beating around that proverbial bush! Have an idea or want to jump in on a topic of discussion, feel free to join on in or shoot us an email (or you know, find us on FB, that’s our little hidey hole as of late).

Ana: Because it’s February, and Sharonda has been on her ever adamant search for cupid’s ass, we figured we’d do a little showdown for y’all on our thoughts/feelings towards Valentine’s Day. And by showdown, we mean, non stop gifs and memes til the DEATH! or.. until it’s time to cook dinner ;)

Sharonda: lols! oh I like this idea a lot! cupid is in my eyesights...I want that lil monster dead...D.E.A.D, not alive *laughs evilly*

Ana: Temper, temper! Lower your crosshairs! bwahaha. *pats Sharonda on the shoulder* it’s okay, it’s okay… Idris can’t be everywhere at once… Nor can Lenny! xDD I personally don’t have it out for Cupid, I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day (I mean… come on, if my guy doesn’t buy me chocolate on a regular basis, he’d be dealing with a raging monster 24/7 haha)

Sharonda: lols! @ chocolate not being bought on a regular basis. Yasss! I lurvs chocolate, I’m a bit like cookie monster when it comes to it. Not good, not good. Idris and Lenny needs to be folks I can get my hands on instantly...Jared & Shannon Leto too. Does that sound stalkerish? lols!!!

I’ve never been a fan of the day either to tell you the truth. I think it’s just another promotional day to get folks to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something you really should be showing your mate everyday.

Ana: lol.. uhm… yeah a little stalkerish xDD It’s okay, I have a few of those on my list too ;)

Yes, definitely a waste of money.. but hey, businesses everywhere are profiting, and if you’re gonna buy shit, buy locally. Support your fellow human beings… not the corporate monsters! bwahaha.

anti-vd-cupid-slap.jpgSharonda: lols!!! Very true...if you have to buy, keep it local people! That is kind of stalkerish, huh? well, I personally think they should be honored that I love them in such a way...bwhahahaha!!!!

Ana: lols… uhmm *takes a giant step back* okay, lady! xDD

Sharonda: Hey now, I’m telling you one day...I might be seen with one of these gents, lols!  So Miss Ana, are you going to be getting anything for Valentine’s Day this year? oh and here is my first pic of my anti-cupid campaign.

Ana: Am I getting anything? Well… lets just hope I don’t get preggers! loools. No, I don’t care for gifts much… seriously… I’m bad wiith gifts. So, if I get something I feel like I’m obligated to give back.. fahreals! A kiss is good enough for me! Go on about your day! And here’s my anti-cupid campaign pick (even though I have a valentine… but come on… he has no choice xD)

Sharonda: bwahahahah! @ preggers. Yes, you  better  not! OMG, that is so true on the gift giving thingy. I don’t like giving gifts ONLY because I suck at picking one. Like I can know you like the back of my hand, but don’t ask me to gift you...I just can’t. I’ll crack under the pressure and you’ll mostly likely get something crazy.

2.jpgAs a matter of fact, I think next  year...I will wear a tee shirt that screams my dislike for that little man. If I could wear one this year, I would...but I’m such a procrastinator. So Cupid will be spared this year.

Ana: lols you are totes crazy… I think I know what to get you for xmas now bwahaha.. don’t trip, I don’t want anything back now… just you know, bloggerly love.. xDD

Anywho...  so, what is it about Cupid that you don’t like? His sucking at his job or whaaa? BTW here’s your t-shirt >>>

Sharonda: hahaha!!!! love the T-shirt btw! hmmmm...what can I say. Let’s start off with his short little self, like really? Ya’ll give us a kid? smh..what a way to tug at folks hearts. And why the heck is he carrying around arrows…#seriously so going around shooting people with arrows is love? nah, I’ll pass bro. How about a arrow in you Cupid!

But on a slightly serious note, Cupid just hasn’t been my friend in the love department. He has only sent me a**holes...big ones too! *counts on fingers* Baby daddy, a bust. Ex-boyfriend,a bust. Baby daddy again, a friggin bust. I have no luck with that little curly head kid, so I think that this pic does him justice in my eyes and yes, I will
call self-defense. He shot me with
a arrow of course!

Ana: lol...  riiiight. he’s a glutton for punishment, that one! I’m not big on valentine’s day (duh, I said this

already, but you know… gotta say it a few more times haha) but, I’m loving all the anti-cupid/valentines day memes and what not. It’s a ridiculous holiday, but hey, if that’s the only time you get lovin from your boo thang… then… something. is. SERIOUSLY. wrong… like.. where in the blue hell (cause, you know… blue totally is the color of hell) is that spark?

618929d4edbdba554d9d11979e892d10.jpgSharonda: I’m a card carrying anti-Valenine’s day holder. Right? You should love your boo everyday and if you don’t then I don’t think ya’ll should not be together at all, lols.

6.jpgAna: That’s true. I get couples fight and not… but… like… come on… you’re just wasting both of
your time if you’re not progressing as a couple. But for those of you who are totes magotes into V-Day… well.. I’m happy for you. Just… you know.. keep your PDA to a minimum. I don’t wanna gag on my drink and waste perfectly good alcohol.

Sharonda: ROTFL! Yasss! to this and dang on right, ruining a good drink is pure evil I tell you. I will not like you if I waste my drink. Hell, I might even make you buy me a new one just for looking at all that PDA...get a room I say...get a room!
images (1).jpg

Ana: Yeah… them hotels are gonna make BANK with all that PDA xDD But in all seriousness, if you’re happy, great! If you’re… not… come have a drink with me… we can talk stories… or you know… just keep drinking xD Shots!
Sharonda: I agree with the keep on drinking part. Until Cupid and I can come to an understanding, I am not a fan of little dude. I’m banning cupid from my life for now or until a new man shows up, lols!! He better send him quick and no more buttheads little seriously. I think I deserve better, rotfl!

Ana: loooool @ or until a new man shows up… you are crazy. I’ve got a man in my life, so I’m good. As long as he knows I don’t play into all the v-day bullshit, we’re good. If there’s one thing I like about v-day (or after, if we wanna keep shit real), it’s when all the prices drop on the chocolate! bwahahaha. THANK YOU! #ISeeATreadMillInMyFuture #NoHoneyAllThatChocolateYouAteDidntGoStraightToYourStomach


a6472233-1e2e-4686-a0d5-a03ab14808b8.jpgSharonda:Well, at least the little degenerate sent
you a Valentine’s. #Ineedchocolateinmylife #myinnerfatgirlisveryhappyrightnow. Well...this is me for now. screw Valentine’s Day and that little
bastard that comes along with him every year. May he  swallow a whole bottle of little glass
hearts and suffer!

Ana: Lol. You’ll live.. it’s just a day ♥♥♥ I’ll pour a drink… or ten for you :) Welp, that wraps up our February post. What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Shacking up with your main squeeze? Going out for dinner? Eating chocolate and watching Netflix?

I’ll be spending it with mine, and we’ll most likely be getting completely shit faced whilst playing video games (it’s seriously hilarious when you’re drunk) and then watch movies on Netflix and other stuff… you know xD

Sharonda: Ten drinks sound good, I will need something to zone out all those happy valentines day pictures I know I will see on social media.  I sure will live :D...but in the in the meanwhile, I’ll shall be eating chocolate and watching Netflix...I’ll more than likely be really drunk too and I will not be visiting FB...I will not torture myself by looking at all the “look at what I got” pictures. No thank you very much, lols!
For all of you who have a boo, good! enjoy the day. For those who don’t...have a drink and some chocolate with me And remember….
download (2).jpg

For now anyways, ROTFL!!!!

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  1. oh I agree with you on this. Valentines Day is my least favorite holiday of the year. I am between bf's right now, but even when I am with someone, I feel like its just a lame excuse to do something special. When you should do those things years round not just that one day. Great post...made me laugh.

  2. I can't stand Valentine's Day! You shouldn't need a "special" day to show your partner you love them. If ya can't do it all year around then you need to re-examine your relationship in the first place.

    On the funny side, my dog ate cupid years ago. He's my valentine and didn't appreciate a fat cherub trying to set me up with a man ;)

  3. You really made me laugh, girls ! And you can't grab Jared Leto, he's mine !! Jared and I don't celebrate Valentine's day home either, it's just the opportunity to have another good meal together, that's all. (What ? My boyfriend's name is not Jared ? Tssssk, I don't want to hear that) ;)

  4. Lots of people break up right before Valentine's Day so they don't have to be bothered! (lol) Love really should be shown every day like Adria mentioned, but a little extra chocolate sure goes a long way with me. (lol) Hugs and great topic!

  5. LOL you two! I'm not a huge fan of the holiday but mebbe since I'm *flails* alone. ALL ALONE!! ::sniffles:: Meh. I'm loving yalls memes :D

  6. Oh man, you guys crack me up. I totally agree that love and the demonstration of it isn't just for one day and should be regular and always, but yet I do like that there is a holiday commemorating it too. I don't get into hearts, flowers, etc, but chocolate? Now, chocolate is a good thing that I will never say no to. ;)

  7. wrap up candy and flowers in a big pretty bow and it's all good. I dislike the day with a me love all year and we are good ;)

    thanks, glad to get folks to poke fun at Cupid :D

  8. bwahahaha! I love your dog! I need him next year, lols.

  9. Red! You cannot have Jared...I call dibbs, lmbo! OMG, you are are too much!!! I won't say nothing, lips sealed ;)

  10. right?! break up before the day gets here...saves you so much money, lols.

  11. LOLS...come have a drink with me...we can talk trash to all the folks that are celebrating, lmbo!

  12. oh yes, chocolate...I love chocolate. That will calm my savageness towards Cupid, lols!

  13. Hahaha, I had a blast with this, you guys are funny!! I agree that showing love for your partner/spouse shouldn't be only on one day. It really is just another corporate holiday. Ah well ~ Happy Valentine's Day ;)

  14. Thanks Sarah, glad we were able to make folks laugh ;)

    Happy Valentines Day!