Say Whaaat?! #1

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is up y'all! SAY WHAAAAT?! Is a brand new addition to the blog. What is it? Well, it's interviews/quick questionnaires/what have you, that we'll be posting sporadically. We love our blogger buddies (and you awesome authors out there), and we decided to randomly deliver interviews to you to get to know them a little better! If you don't already, of course. Sometimes it'll be holiday based, or completely random, like... if you won a million dollars, would you A - scatter it in the winds at the top of the Eiffel Tower or B - seal bundles of cash away in tiny pouches with a nice note and hide them around your city/town?! And maybe... JUST MAYBE, we'll throw in a giveaway for the hell of it!

This is our first Say Whaaat?! post and today we'll be featuring Braine of Talke Supe :) 

1. Do you have any New Year resolutions?
Yes! In one word: CHANGE. Blog wise I want to diversify and maybe revive some of the things I used to do so I won't be bogged by reviews and maybe look for another blog partner. This girl is going super haggard!!

2. Do you have any exciting posts planning for the new year? I WANT to do a few I just don't know if I can ACTUALLY execute them. Things have been hectic so I don't want to disclose anything yet at this point, false hopes and all that shizit. Plus my belly is full of carbs as of writing so my mind is sluggish... *burp*

3. Any pet peeves when it comes to books/book characters? A lot! Virgins, bored billionaires, TSTL, and love triangles to name a few. I just can't take it when an "ordinary" girl gets so sexed up after she gets attention from a super hot dude or dudes. Makes me think she's always been a whore disguised as Plain Jane LOL. I'm so horrible!!

4. Sharonda and I find it quite difficult to keep up with the blogging scene, seeing as we’re both crazy women that have too much on our plates, how do you manage your time when it comes to blogging? I have a blog partner but Sarez has been busy too so she's more of a guest reviewer now than someone permanent. So far I'm thriving review wise but lately it has been a struggle! But I've always been a serious hobbyist so I do get guilty when I don't do any "blogging" in a day. Plus this is my mantra now and I always wanted to be a diva minus the elevator beat-up.

5. What genre do you read/review in? Why that genre(s)? Right now it's fantasy and contemporary but I want to diversify in terms of sub-genres like read more histrom, try epic fantasy, meet aliens, ride cowboys, have sex with monsters... okay I'm kidding about the last one... maybe...

6. Top three book boyfriends? I'll go old school here because I just ate and it's taking a lot of effort to think and digest at the same time, I suck at that kind of multi-tasking. So it's Jericho Barrons (Fever, Karen Marie Moning), Gavin (Sons of Wrath, Keri Lake), and Matthew Farrel & Clayton Westmoreland (Judith McNaught). The last two men were the "book boyfriends" who took my virginity. It's a long story...

7. Top three fave authors (shh we won’t tell) Okay I'll go old school again but this time just to be safe. Karen Marie Moning, because she hasn't failed me yet. All of the books I've read by her are great!  Anne Rice because she's the one who got me into reading paranormal stuff that has substance and not just crazy romance and hot sex. She writes PARANORMAL LITERATURE if there's a genre like that. And lastly Tiffany Reisz, she always gets me tongue tied when I write reviews for her books because the stories just hits me square in the heart all. The. Fucking. Time.

8. Are you a book reviewing blog only, or do you venture into other topics as well? (IE: movies, music, etc.) I do but not enough, actually movie and tv stuff are one of the things that I will be doing more of next year. I haven't been much of a music junkie lately, I listen to what I hear on the radio and right now I'm a Sam Smith fan and a shameless Taylor Swift convert... I don't think I can contribute much on the music front.

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**update: Braine does have help now...Shelley from Gizmo Reviews is helping her out now. And she doesn't want to read monster porn, lmbo!

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  1. Congrats to Braine for the opening meme ! I like the idea of expanding the reviews to other genres ;)

  2. I love your mantra! It's so true - we all have the same amount of time, it's just a matter of what we do with it.

  3. Yay!! I'll let you borrow the shark book I'm reading right now since you said maybe mwhahaha

  4. I told Carmel that Billionaires seem to be werewolves and vampires of the contemporary world..LOL I happen to just finished 2 books with billionaires, one work despite the overuse and the other didn't at all, so again I guess is all in the writing. I love movie and show reviews, I'm glad you'll be doing some more of those :)

  5. Aw yay Braine! I am so with you on TSTL heroines (and the occasional hero). That mess drives me up the dang wall.

  6. LOL, I died reading the pet peeves! And who doesn't want to read monster pr0n? We need a secret group just for that. Thanks for introducing us to our fellow bloggers, Sharonda.