#Audiobook #Review ~ BirthRight ( La Patron Series #1) by Sydney Addae

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Release Date: July 18, 2014
Format: Audiobook
Audible (Unabridge)
Author: Sydney Addae
Genre: Paranormal
Narrator: Denise Mincey-Mills
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Available: Audible | Amazon | BN | Smashwords

My Review

So I decided to dip my toes into a paranormal read because it has been a while since I’ve read one and I was looking for a good shifter story. Well, low and behold...I found it in BirthRight by Sydney Addae.

Man, I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this audiobook. Yeah, it started off a bit rough, but by the end? Oh, honey...I was like give me some more please!

This series starts off with Jasmine Bennett finding out about werewolves...her sons no less are hybrids, half human/half werewolf. One of her twins (they are pretty much adults now) is injured while he is in the service, army..something like that. Anyways, Because he healed faster than a normal human, he was sent to a shifter hospital.

Now in this world, humans and werewolves don’t mix. It is forbidden and the penalty for such a thing is death.

Jasmine never knew her husband was a shifter because he never told her. They basically only got married because she ended up pregnant at sixteen. Her husband also forbade their sons from telling Jasmine about themselves because it would have ended in her death. And the boys did not want that for their mother. But they also were not fond of their father because of the way he treated Jasmine, it was basically a loveless marriage and then once the fool did find his mate, he left. Leaving Jasmine feeling some type of way and still very much in the dark.

While her son Tyrese is in the shifter hospital, things start to hit the fan in a very big way. Enter Silas Knight, La Patron. Alpha of the Alphas. Every Alpha in the country pretty much follows his command. The man is powerful, hear me? He was able to make a pack of wolves shift with just by balling his fist….shit was seriously fascinating.

Silas who is at the hospital visiting his wounded god son finds out about Tyrese being a hybrid and he is not happy. In Silas’s world humans WERE not part of the shifter world in no shape or form. At first he was like kill them when he initially found out about the twins and Jasmine...I was like damn!!!! Bruh. But once the doctor at the hospital started to give more details about Tyrese and his twin brother Tyrone’s genetic makeup (i.e. they healed faster and were stronger than purebred wolves)...Silas wants to know more. He wanted to know who would mess with the balance of things. And to top it all off, there is a attraction between him and Jasmine who is human and Silas is not happy about that (he wasn’t really happy about a lot of shit...he was a mean mofo). His wolf should not even be remotely attracted to her...then she was putting out a mating call...lawd! a human putting out a mating call to wolves. Shit just got real ya’ll.

I absolutely love the world building here and mainly because the wolves in the story were wolves. I think that sometimes with these type of stories, the characters are so romanticised that the animal part is forgotten...left out and I think this is why some get bored quickly with pnr. It may just be me and my sometimes psycho way of thinking, but I don't mind scary with wolves, vamps and the such...they are suppose to be this way.

Wolves are not nice animals...they are predators, hunters, killers and I’m glad Ms. Addae kept the animal part of them in her story.

There is a lot going on in BirthRight. A lot of secrets are literally falling out the closet and there are things Silas is finding out that even he is questioning and he has been around for 300 years. How and why are some human women able to breed with wolves and give birth to pups? As the story went on, I was shocked and surprised...I think my damn mouth was hanging open as I listened most of the time. It was like damn, damn, damn.

Silas was no joke. He expected people to listen to him and ask no questions, but I will admit that I liked that Jasmine gave him a bit of the attitude. He can’t understand why his wolf is so attracted to her and when she puts out that mating call and he answered? good gravy! I wished I had actually read the scene instead of listening to it. I do think the narrator did a good job, but sex scenes while listening to a audiobook can take some getting use too...it was still hot though, lols. I was on the train like, I hope these people aren’t looking at me flush, lmbo.

Ms. Addae kept everything tight. Even with the constant surprises that came up, it all came together very well. I enjoyed the characters even though Silas got on my nerves a bit with his “do what I say attitude” but hell, he is head wolf in charge and shit, everyone pretty much DID do what he said so….

This 1st book ends with Silas finding out things he just didn’t think were possible and he also has to find out who is trying to shake up the wolf world and why. And now Jasmine is pregnant with his pups...he ain’t too happy about that. After years and years of bearing no children, he will now have them with a human. Hell, Jasmine isn’t too happy either. She wanted to move on with her life and now after all this..finding out her sons are hybrid wolves, that she may be part of some bigger plan to take out purebred shifters, it is all becoming a bit much. And let me just say this, there really isn’t so much of a romance between Silas and Jasmine this early on. I got the feeling that Silas didn’t do romance, but he fulfilled a need for Jasmine and things got a little complicated to say the least. But Silas isn’t about to let her go now. He may not be happy with what the Goddess has offered him (at the moment) but there is no way will he let her go either.

This audio had me on my toes and I absolutely loved that. I’ve already got the second book on audio and will be starting it like...now. I’m looking forward to diving into this world to see what will happen between Silas and Jasmine and also who is behind all of this mess going on.

The narrator, I thought was good. She did a good job with both the female and male voices. She had a slight southern twang to her voice and it worked out pretty well for the character voices. I haven’t come across a voice I haven’t liked yet, but then again...I haven't listened to that many audios so I have no bad things to say about this narrator at all.

So far only books 1 & 2 are on audio but I did tweet the author to ask if the rest of the series will be release on audio, currently there are six books and a novella. She did say that the others are being worked on. Thank you sweet baby jeezus :) cause I like this so far and I’m digging the audio version. But if I have to switch between the books, I will do that too.

I think Jasmine is going to be a challenge for Silas because she is more than human, I feel it. And with everything else thats going on....mmmmm, mmmmm...the getting should be good.

My Rating
**a 4.5 for sure

BirthRight is currently free in eBook format and you can also upgrade through Amazon Whispersync for the audiobook at a $1.99! 

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  1. Oh yeah, that does look good - I like it when the shifters retain an animal part that shows, it sounds more realistic (as much as a werewolf can be !). I never heard about this series, so thanks a lot for sharing this review :)

  2. Like Iza, I'm impressed with PNR/UF where the paras still have the monster in them. I read through your review- good stuff btw- and it sounded familiar so I checked. I have this one on my TBR pile- so cool! It must have been a freebie at one point.

    I had to laugh at your comment about listening to sex scenes. I just started audios last fall and discovered the same thing was true of me- the violent scenes were more in my face too.

  3. I'm so jealous of you guys for doing audio books! I can't get into it, it's so frustrating!

  4. Okay Sexxxy, I'm adding this one to my TBR. You talked me into it :D I've been on a shifter kick lately so this fits perfect.

  5. Its currently free Mel, but you can upgrade thru Amazon's Whispersync for a 1.99!

    It totally fits for a shifter story ;)

  6. I have to admit, the last couple of ones have been really good for me Braine and the narrator really helped ;)

  7. It still is a freebie, I need to add it to my post. But I was so into writing this review, I forgot..lols.

    I just loved the pnr/uf feel of the story. She really did stay true to their animal part here.

    Omg, the violent scenes get me to Sophia. My face be all scrunched up ;)

  8. So good red, absolutely well worth the listen. I love that she kept to their animal part, it was awesome.

    This has been on my audio list for a while now and Im so happy I finally got a chance to listen to it.

    Ya welcome...happy to share :)

  9. Ah yay for awesome para. I need to read more of them. Slowly getting back to them after a bit of burnout a couple years back. And that's great about the narration. I've found a couple of those that I enjoy too :)

  10. Same here Anna, Im glad I got hold onto one that made the coming back good, lols.

    The narrator did a awesome job, she really did :)