#BookReview: Cupid by Kenya Wright and Jade Eby

Published: February 11, 2015
Format: eBook (mobi)
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

I'm leaning heavy towards a 2.5 because I did like the premise of the story, it just didn't come together for me. 

Meet Asher Bishop. Young, rich, handsome and a murderer. 

Meet Diana Carson. Reporter and wife to one of Asher's victims. 

There are killings going on at Ovid Island, a island that caters to the rich. Asher Bishop is one of these rich folks, but he was not born of wealth. Thanks to his mother marrying several insanely rich older men. Asher is also made into a killer by his mother. Every man she married, she and her son killed them. 

Asher watched his father physically and emotionally abuse his mother while growing up. Now dubbed Cupid because of the way he kills...a arrow straight to the chest. He despises men who do anything violent towards women. This is who he is killing on the island...men he feels who deserve to die. 

Now he craves one of this victim's wife. Diana Carson. She poses a challenge to Asher as she tries to expose him...Cupid. But once she figures out who the killer is on Ovid Island...what will Asher do? Will he keep her? OR will he kill her?

This story had so much potential, but it just did not click for me. There were too many inconsistencies with the story and with Diana's character. I just did not get her. I'm not sure how the authors wanted to make her character. She stays married to a man who cheats openly in her face and she does nothing, just buries herself in work. But when she's with Asher, she was this snarky, didn't take no shit type of woman. I just couldn't buy into her character. Nothing about her screamed strong willed...nothing. 

The story itself, although I loved the psychological aspect of it. I just couldn't invest in it fully. I think what saved the story for me was Asher/Cupid himself. He was written as this completely crazy person and he was, talking too and visualizing his now dead mother...I liked that. I liked that you didn't have to wait to find out who the killer was. I liked that you didn't have to wait to figure out why Asher killed his victims. So many things I liked....I just didn't...couldn't connect with it. There were things mentioned in earlier parts of the story that didn't jive later on. 

Will I read the next book? Yeah...yeah, I think I will. I want to find out what Asher will do with Diana now that she knows he is Cupid. He says he wants to keep her...love her...but I don't know and neither does Diana. 

My Rating

It wasn't a bad story, but it definitely could have been better. 

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