#BookReview: Incarcerated by Inger Iversen

Format: eBook (Kindle)
Personal Copy
Author: Inger Iversen
Published: September 29, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | Indiebound

My Review

I gave this story 4 brazen babe (more of a 3.5) because of the writing. It pretty much was clean and simple, you got a lot of the characters from the writing alone and although I did have some issues with some of thesecharacters, Ms. Iversson’s writing was able to draw me in and keep me reading this story…it was an engrossing one.

Now, before I start…I would just like to say that I know I previously said that I don’t think race should revolve around a romance BUT I do have my exceptions and this story had one of those exceptions. Race did revolve around this couples romance, it was part of the story plot. How they made it work was in experience in reading I will tell you that.

The gist – lonely female (Katie Andreassen) starts writing inmate (Logan Whyte) through a prison letter writing program, one she is not suppose to be in because her step-father is warden. Let me just say add here that Katie’s step-father is white. Her friend, Teal however gets her through. What starts off as these two just suppose to be writing each other as a cure for loneliness becomes something more than what they both expected. Within the course of the letter writing both Katie and Logan get to know each other and eventually fall in love. The hurdle is one Katie dealing with the fact that her father and best friend Teal won’t be too pleased with her decision to have a relationship with a prisoner. Logan has to deal with the fact that once he discovers that Katie is black…how is he going to make this relationship work being that he “has always stuck with his kind”? authors words, not mine. How is he going to deal with his friends that won’t accept a black woman in his life? How was he going to deal with her black friends?

Questions, questions, questions. Oh boy, how do I explain my feels for this one? Well, let’s go like this:

Katie: I thought she was a weak/strong character. I put weak first because, it’s stated that she this educated successful woman and she is. But how do you not stand up for yourself? She pretty much let her father and best friend run her dang on life. And she always got mad about this fact, but didn’t speak up. I will say her dad was right, you can’t expect someone to treat you like an adult when you don’t act like one at times. Katie was a person that kept to herself, her only friend was Teal and her father. Because of her childhood, she had always felt like an outsider so this led to her life of basically being a hermit. She never really went out unless it was lunch with her father or Teal forced her out.

Logan: he’s described as a racist, but not really. He didn’t care for black men in particular because he was basically beat up on as a kid so in order to survive and with him becoming friends with a racist; he had this rule to be around his own people. I get it…I really do. That is a real life thing, but what I didn’t like is how the author IMO sort of skimmed over him being a racist. He didn’t like black men, okay…but he would never say the N word, he would never outright call them animals although he thought this. Like dude literally got his ass kicked while he was in jail by a kkk group, but that was okay because they were white, like I didn’t get that. I was just waiting for a situation to break off because Katie did have black male friends…situations got tense, but didn’t go there…know what I mean? I mean if you’re going to go there with a character, go there. Don’t get half way up the latter and then just stop.

In general, Katie overlooked a lot of things that Logan said when they were talking on the phone (yes, it moved to this point). He would say little things and she just let it go until it got to the point where she had to admit to him that she was black but by then they were already in love with each other. She never thought it would ever be a issue for her, I mean she never even thought this once she found out that he was white…but I’m like chickie…you’re talking to someone in jail. I watch prison reality shows and prison is pretty much segregated. I just thought she was just a little too damn gullible at times. And Logan, I’m like dude what if her step-dad wasn’t white. What if her father was still alive? Or if she had siblings, mainly a brother? How in the world was he going to deal with all of that? Like in the beginning, I didn’t think he wanted to change much, it was like I get that you’re black and I love and accept you but I can’t accept being around any other black people. And I’m like da fuck? Dude…really?

There were some redemption of his character at the end…I liked out he went out of his way to get her and her friend Teal back on speaking terms and how it was mentioned that he eventually wanted to get help with his issues of dealing with other races. I don’t’ want to say too much because I don’t want to be a spoiler but these were my main issues. The side characters? I liked her step-father, her friend Teal…I could have done without. I’m all for strong female relationships, but Teal was a bit too much. Logan’s friend Trent...eh. He’s getting his own book, not sure if I’ll read it though.

I applaud the author for writing such a story and doing such a good writing job with it. She touched upon a touchy subject that is usually avoided for a maraud of reasons. But, she took the plunge so; I gotta give her credit for that.

I think I need a happy read after this one though…goodness. Don’t think I wanted to slap the crap out of so many characters in one reading. Pretty much everyone in this book I wanted to give the five finger discount. Ya’ll follow us of facebook? Did ya’ll see my updates? Goodness! below is just one of them.

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