Brazen Babe Reviews Spotlight: Cupid by Kenya Wright & Jade Eby

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kenya Wright has a new was release pre V-Day. Yes ya'll that dreaded day that Sharonda cannot get down with, but her release is a dark romance titled Cupid. I'm excited about what this dark romance can bring to the table..seeing how I don't have much of relationship with Cupid. He has done me what has these authors done to turn him around in my eyes? I rightly don't know yet...I'm reading his story now and he is by all intent and purpose is the Cupid I might be quite fond of. So why change him? Idk, everyone needs love...I guess?....

Published: February 11 2015
Genre: Dark Romance
Sex: Probably So...
Available: Amazon 

I'm reading this now and it is starting off of some good until my review...

Lata days! Oh and watch out for my review on Wednesday ;)

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