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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome to our first post for Brazen Babe Risque Saturdays. Here, I will be review books that have a erotic element to them, that will include BDSM. I will be reviewing all genres :)
Our first book is Three Strikes by Holley Trent.

Format: eBook (mobi)
Source: Provided by Author
Author: Holley Trent
Published: November 28, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Available: ARe | Amazon | BN 

My Review

The relationship between Max Fletcher and Giselle Burke is what you can call a "friends with benefits" one. And although these two have been in love with each other since they were teenagers, they never took the relationship further. It was some misunderstanding on both their parts really or at least that's what I took from it. When Max left for college, he left Giselle in New Orleans and he never told her how he really felt about her and in turn Giselle felt jaded, she had heard of his exploits while he was away so she figured he must not have cared for her anyway. 

Fast forward to the present and now here they are. Giselle works at the Hotel Beaudelaire, and Max does too...he works as a security officer there. He's a cop full time. On the weekend of the hotel's yearly Winter Ball, Giselle has royally fucked up (she had Max on the brain) and that lead her to do some not so nice things on hotel property. She is betting she is going to get fired and Max has this one weekend to convince her that they belong together and not in the  "friends with benefits" way either. He is sick of Giselle avoiding him and their future together. 

I had fun with this story, Max and Giselle made for quite the reading experience.Them going back and forth had me in stitches. I enjoyed both their characters although Giselle did work my nerves a few times...she was so damn hard headed. But I like that she was snarky without being overly so. I get that she was concerned about Max and his job as a cop and her fear of losing him, this also came from how her mother reacted to losing her father in a war. But I was like really chick...you are going to let that stop you from having a future with him? And her kinda sort of blaming Max (granted it was his fault too for not speaking up as well) for their time apart while he was away at college sort of ate at me too. Because even if you felt that way, you're a grown ass woman...let ol' boy know how you feel. Just agreeing to helping him out to break in new subs every now and again was so not a smart move. Like hell no would I be doing that if I felt that deep about somebody. Oh hell no...I'd be ready to beat a heffa up all the time. 

Poor Max, I don't think he knew what the hell to do with Giselle..lols. But he could handle her snarkiness and wicked tongue. I was happy when he finally was like fuck this, we gonna deal with this. He really was the perfect match for her. I honestly don't think any other man could handle her. 

All and all, I have much love for this story. It's a very character driven story, Ms. Trent did a perfect job of getting you to know both Max and Giselle very well and I like that. If you have no connection with the characters in the story...what's the point? Plus you get lost in the Den of Sin world...oh, its so much fun to get lost in this world. Anyway, I say read it. If you are looking a story with a snarky female and a male who gives her a run for her money, then this is definitely the story for you. 

Also, Three Strikes is a continuation of Max and Giselle's story. Their story starts in Two Strikes which is another book in the Den of Sin series. But you can definitely read this as a stand alone. But if you like, you can grab two strikes which is currently free...links below. 

Oh and shot out to Author Harper Miller for help with the title! you rock woman ;D

My Rating 

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  1. Ooh yay, I've got 2 Strikes already but haven't had a chance to read it. I love Holley's snarky heroines. Glad this one is good :)

  2. Oh yay for the new feature! I've not read Trent but hopefully one day. :D Off to check out the other one!

  3. Never read her work, but like that she took the time to flesh out the characters so we can get to know them. A strong heroine who can hold her own, is always a plus. Kudos for the new Saturday features! Hugs...

  4. I love that the fleshed out the characters and you felt that you understood them. I love the friends to lovers trope. This will go on my wishlist

  5. I went and downloaded it after I read this one..cant wait to read it. She can make grow to like snarky chicks, lols.

  6. Thanks Anna! I read another on of her stories and the Den Of Sin series....a menage, it was good too :) i have several books of hers that i need to read and i like that she writes in different sub genres too

  7. She really did and for the amount of pages, she did a really good job.

  8. Friends to loves tropes is one of my favs...totally fun reads ;)