Review: Secrets of A Fat Girlfriend by Alexandra Andersen

Secrets of A Fat Girlfriend
Author: Alexandra Andersen
Publisher: In Vino Publishing (March 14, 2013)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, 119 pages
Sixteen years is a long time to carry a torch for a man. Ava Costa is a self-made success, smart, pretty, and half the woman she used to be. Recently divorced, she’s created a fabulous new life for herself…that’s missing just one tiny piece of the puzzle – love.

Ava tracks down her college sweetheart Patrick and as their love affair ignites, suddenly her life starts to unravel. Now she’s wondering if carrying the torch was really worth it...will Patrick complete her life or destroy it?

Where to start. Where. To. Start. There was a number of things that I couldn't stand with this book. I did finish the book though, so I can rant a little. I'll give myself that much. The way this book is set up, you'd think you're in for a lengthy read, you're not. Everything gets crammed into this 119 pages book and at some points you're thinking, holy shit...time lapse is way overpowering. There is just too much going on for such a short book. Now, if it were lengthened a bit, I might have been a bit more nice with my rating. 

Ava Costa, beautiful, smart and holds herself up like any woman should. Except for when it comes to a certain man in her life. And that man just happens to be her first love, the man who broke her heart ten years ago and makes her crumble with his poetic words. After being apart for ten years, Ava fins herself divorces and having gained and lost over 100 lbs and looking for someone to make her feel complete. And the only way she thinks she can do that is by going back to the man she once loved and still loves. Patrick.  

Now, because this book was so short, I'm not going to give you a gazillion worded review, but lets just say there was a brief mention of Ava's ex-husband, Jed, who was at trust fund brat and didn't have any kind of motivation for life, aside from using and abusing money and Ava's money, regardless of his trust. Ava's best friend Melia who married a NFL player and had children and still looks hawt regardless of what she shoves down her throat. Ava's mother and mother and law whom are close friends even though Ava and Jed are divorced. And a few others. The books has the potential to be great but I feel like everything had certain points that needed to be made in order for the book to come to its happily ever after. Everything was just so.... abrupt and thrown at you for your to digest as you please. 

With that, I'm leaving you with my rating. 2 whopping brazen babes. I wouldn't recommend this book. It does have its good parts and I will say that some of the minor characters I would definitely love to know more about, as they were more interesting to me than the main character and her love life. 

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