#Audiobok #Review: Birth Control (La Patron #2) by Sydney Addae ~ #VideoReview

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hey Ya'll! Today, we have another video review. Today's review will be on Birth Control (La Patron #2).  

Release Date: October 20, 2014
Format: Audiobook
Self Purchased
Audible (Unabridged)
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Author: Sydney Addae
Narrator: Michelle Simmons
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Format: AudibleSmashwords | Amazon | BN

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  1. Daddy! *slap slap*

    I love gritty PNRs too. Let me see that beast! That's why I love Anne Bishop's The Others series because her creatures never fails to remind the readers that humans are food an they won't hesitate to eat you if you cross the line.

    Love the hair. Love Corrine. You're not that old. Age is grace. Stay warm, it's crazy here in TN. We haven't had this much snow in a long time so we're all panicking. LOL

  2. Like you, I enjoy a story more when the type of character reflects more of a darker, dangerous quality. And yes, hands up for the mature heroine who knew her own mind, but didn't spazz. I totally respect their issues of adjustment and the half-breed conspiracy angle sounds intense. Glad the narrator matched the story.

    Haunting song, loved it!

  3. lmaooo! yes ma'am!

    I'm loving these type of PNR's so much right now Braine, such a step away from the usual, you know. I'm going to have to leap in Anne Bishop books soon ;)

    awww thanks girl! I'm trying me and snow ain't never been friends.

    LOLS! I think everyone is panicking...we don't know how to deal with constant snow ;)

  4. exactly Sophia, give me some darkness...some danger...I can handle it, lols. Especially with my pnr monsters :)

    I think we need that more...more mature heroine's. We get so lest of them so I like when I come across older women...heck we love hard and crazy too, lmbo! Plus I think more older women are buying romances...come on now.

    another narrator i can't complain about...she did a excellent job. love Corrine, I haven't listened to her music in a while and I just started back up and I thought this song fit perfect for Silas & Jasmine...Love did come their way :)

  5. LOL I'm dying. I have that trouble with heroine names ALL the time. I love the term pups in these. Sounds like a fab read Sharonda.

  6. lols! I have to admit I had fun with this one and when I re-watched, I was cracking up ;)

    It really is a fun read and Silas? girl man candy from the gods! lols!!!

  7. Thank you! I try, I try...a little drink helps too, lols :D

  8. Yay!! I like your video reviews Sexxxy :D

  9. LOL, I can totally relate to the face expressions you're talking about, and how sometimes people must think I'm crazy...LOL That's definetelly a good sign of a good narration. Sounds like she really took you there, and that's such a good experience.
    Good Job, sounds worth a listen :)

  10. Oh my god, I always forget names... that's why I write down notes while I read LOL I MUST READ THIS SERIES

  11. You are so funny, yes I suck at names too.I look like I had one to many cups of coffee. The book sounds great, and I get the whole facial expressions.

  12. Lols, she really did. I enjoyed the narration. She made the story so much more fun to listen too ;)

  13. Lols Sarah! and I always say I need.to write stuff down and never do, smh, lols. Its really a fun series, I totally enjoyed it.

  14. Lols..thanks Kim. People were just staring but the audio was well worth the stares ;)