#BookReview: Kilted for Pleasure by Melissa Blue

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Format: eBook/Mobi (ARC)
Published: March 10, 2015
Author: Melissa Blue
Series: Under the Kilt #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

I totally love this series and I have to say that Kilted for Pleasure is my favorite. This is the 3rd book in the series and this story is Callan’s. Ian’s and Tristan’s cousin, this story also takes place in Scotland.

Victoria Burke has come to Scotland on behalf of her boss Ian Baird to help convince his cousin Callan to take on a job of restoring older artifacts from a Scottish castle. Thing is this scot is not the nicest. He’s grouchy, but Victoria has a job to do and she will get it done. Trying to rebuild her career after a scandal that happened back in the states that pretty much ruined the start up of her career, she can’t afford to let some brutish scotman get in her way to prove herself to her new boss.

Callan Baird is drowning in debt after the death of his wife. He’s also trying to save up money to finally put a headstone on her grave. But as much as he loves his cousins, he refuses to take their money even if they are offering him a job. Small little odd jobs here and there will do him fine...so he wished his cousins would just leave him be in his misery. Then they send Victoria Burke to convince him to take the latest job Ian has offered. Hell bent on telling her no and sending her packing, he realizes he can’t and that pisses him off. Callan hasn’t been this attracted to a woman since his wife. Sure, fulfilling his needs? yeah, that’s one thing but to actually start having feelings? No.

Victoria and Callan agree to have an affair during her stay in Scotland after he kind of cons her into looking after Ian and Tristan’s dad. What ensues from here is a story that had me all up in my feels. I had various emotions while reading and they were all good.

Callan is struggling with the lost of his wife and being buried in debt and not being to provide her what he feels is a proper burial makes him a not so nice person. Callan was sad and yeah, a little miserable but I liked how Ms. Blue made him also this loving caring character. So much so that our female lead couldn’t help but fall for him even if she didn’t want to and honestly this reader fell for him too. Callan was written to be very much a grieving widower, his emotions were all over the pages of this book. His struggles with ever growing feelings for Victoria and him feeling like he’s betraying his dead wife because of these feelings, it made him so relatable.

Victoria just wants to get this job done with her dignity still intact. Her career is on the rise again and even though she has a itch that needs to be scratched, she isn’t going to let it or her attraction to Callan get in her way. But when Callan offers her a way where they can still have their affair without her losing her job (Ian and his stupid no fraternization policy), she takes a chance. But taking a chance with Callan proves to be her Achilles heel. Why? Because now she is falling for him...hard. I loved Victoria’s character...the woman was funny, snarky and oh so very sexually aware of herself. She wants Callan and the only thing getting in the way...well is herself and (Ian’s stupid no Fraternization policy). She’s giving him sexy looks  and the whole nine. I loved this. I’m glad Ms. Blue wrote her to be like “you know what? I’m just going to go ahead and fuck this man’s brains out” and not feel bad about it. lols. I mean, they did have like that initial moment after their first time where she felt a little guilty...awkward, but it was quickly forgotten.

Both Victoria and Callan were likable characters. I like the struggle of Callan’s character and with Victoria, I like how she wasn’t this pushy broad, you know? She understands Callan’s lost and she’s willing to give the romance a temporary go even though she's falling for him and damn well knows he is falling for her too but she doesn’t push him to forget about his wife. But this was in part of Victoria thinking that she could just sleep with Callan without catching feelings for him. And Callan was pretty much the same, he figured sleeping with Victoria would get her out of his head...his system. Seems that with both of them, their hearts didn’t agree with either of their brains, nor their lust for that matter, lols.

The story is well written and I was totally invested. And I also liked that while Ms. Blue had this very sexually aware female character in her story, she also goes a bit into kink in Kilted for Pleasure. Now there are not overly deep tones of kink in Callan’s and Victoria’s story but more of these two exploring their sexual selves. It made for a very hot and titillating read.

Ian’s & Tristan’s dad added to the story was just a joy. Him continuously setting Callan and Victoria up on little dates and pushing them towards each other was too funny. Loved that she bought the brothers back in the story as well and who knew Ian was so damn clueless about certain things? And I just knew both brothers or at least one of them was setting Callan up, Tristan slick ass...lols.

All and all I loved this book in the series and I highly recommend it. This can be read as a stand alone but I suggest you try all of the books. These scots will have your heart melting and maybe your panties too, definitely your panties.

Kilted for Pleasure Rating

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  1. I'll definitely be trying this series, thanks for telling us about it :)

  2. I like light kink. It's very normal and relatable to vanillas like me. Also men in kilts? Shit! Sexiest skirt ever!

  3. I remember that you liked these, but a grieving grouch Scot totally tops the others. ;) Still need to pick these up.

  4. Just looking a little. Just a little. lol I have the first 2 on my tablet. I seriously need to grab them up soon and read em.

  5. Hey Red! Its a great series, you will enjoy it ;)

  6. Me too Braine, she didnt shove it in ur face...it was just there. Cant go wrong in a kilt at all, lols ;)

  7. Yep! Ah, he was just...just so man in all his grief, lols. Absolutely loved him ;)

  8. Lmbo! Totes understand Anna. Hope u get to read them soon. They are well worth it ;)