#BookReview: Wicked Dark Dragon by Lolita Lopez

Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: Mobi
Published: March 3, 2015
Author: Lolita Lopez
Series: Dragon Heat #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

This was an okay story. I had many issues but I did like that it coincided with the rest of of the series as I guess it should. So it is my suggestion that you read the first two books before this one as all of the stories tie together. At the end of this one, the dragons discover that a old enemy is back. 

some of my issues: 

They fell in love pretty damn quick, but this is a novella length story so I kind of expected it, but dang...Mad was nuzzling her throat like the first day. Like dude, you don't even know her like that yet. 

Ivy's a virgin and as goes with these virgin erotic reads, after one time of sex or seemly their first time giving "head" to a man (or beast for this matter) that has had sex with hundreds of woman before her, she is the best thing since sliced bread...not. I'm sorry, but I'm am so over these tropes, I really am. 

She's a frigging 21 year old college student and her mate? A old ass dragon that knew her parents...that knew her mother when she was pregnant with Ivy...why? 

Mad's character also seemed a bit wimpy to me here. For all of the body and strength this big dragon had, he was pretty damn useless in saving himself or his mate. I just wasn't connected with the story or the romance. 

We spend the first 50% of the book waiting for the dragons to save Mad & Ivy from the Knights and the other 50% was...head scratching. The saving grace was towards the end with the big fight scene. Other than that, this was a dry story for me. 

I have much love for Ms. Lopez's Dragon shifter series, but Wicked Dark Dragon didn't IMO live up to it's potential. 

My Rating

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