#BookReview: Wicked Dark Dragon by Lolita Lopez

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: Mobi
Published: March 3, 2015
Author: Lolita Lopez
Series: Dragon Heat #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

This was an okay story. I had many issues but I did like that it coincided with the rest of of the series as I guess it should. So it is my suggestion that you read the first two books before this one as all of the stories tie together. At the end of this one, the dragons discover that a old enemy is back. 

some of my issues: 

They fell in love pretty damn quick, but this is a novella length story so I kind of expected it, but dang...Mad was nuzzling her throat like the first day. Like dude, you don't even know her like that yet. 

Ivy's a virgin and as goes with these virgin erotic reads, after one time of sex or seemly their first time giving "head" to a man (or beast for this matter) that has had sex with hundreds of woman before her, she is the best thing since sliced bread...not. I'm sorry, but I'm am so over these tropes, I really am. 

She's a frigging 21 year old college student and her mate? A old ass dragon that knew her parents...that knew her mother when she was pregnant with Ivy...why? 

Mad's character also seemed a bit wimpy to me here. For all of the body and strength this big dragon had, he was pretty damn useless in saving himself or his mate. I just wasn't connected with the story or the romance. 

We spend the first 50% of the book waiting for the dragons to save Mad & Ivy from the Knights and the other 50% was...head scratching. The saving grace was towards the end with the big fight scene. Other than that, this was a dry story for me. 

I have much love for Ms. Lopez's Dragon shifter series, but Wicked Dark Dragon didn't IMO live up to it's potential. 

My Rating

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  1. I enjoyed that first one in the series but if I'm remembering right it was crazy fast moving too.

  2. Virgins are sex pros who don't know about it, it seems, it's the new rage ;) I've got book #1 in the series, so I'll probably read it too - maybe the next will be better ?... Great review !

  3. Yeah it did but with the first couple, they knew each other...had history. Idk, I just wasnt feeling the story..plus with all the other stuff...

  4. The new rage indeed. Book one was good and im hoping the next one is better. Thanks Red!

  5. Virgins and insta-love are not my fave elements in a story...but as you ladies said it seems to be on trend (let's blame 50 Shades...LOL). Would you recommend the series Sharonda? I've heard great things about her books.

  6. Lols! Right?...ah well. I would still recommend it..its a good series and she gives a good background story in each book but this one just fell flat for me. Her Grabbed series is really good too.

  7. Hahaha nuzzling & the best head is unbelievable too. Well maybe that's why she's a keeper? Virgin, tight, and talented 😉😉

  8. Well yep, I've made similar observations about virgins suddenly turning pro after one encounter. I'm more into it when its realistic.
    And the guy knowing the parents does have some squick factor in the funny uncle territory.
    And the final nail on the coffin is to see the MCs in a holding pattern for much of the book.
    I normally like dragon stories, but I think I'll pass.

  9. I enjoyed the first two, the second more than the first, actually. Then I got the opportunity to review this one and waffled. I love my dragons, but these novella length stories are getting tiresome because they all feel rushed. Especially when you compare them to let's say the Donna Grant series Dark Kings. I've seen three reviews on this in the past two days, and yours convinced me it's probably time to drop this series.

    This killed me, btw: "She's a frigging 21 year old college student and her mate? A old ass dragon that knew her parents...that knew her mother when she was pregnant with Ivy...why? "

  10. I was wondering which book you were talking about on fb lol!

  11. thank you Sophia...all I ask with my reads is for them to be a little more realistic especially if you are going to throw your couple in today's world. No virgin turns into a instant porn star...she doesn't.

    lols! right? I didn't feel right about that, it was just....just no. And there you go, he goes to save her but didn't...leaves a note for his bros to come save them and it took them 10 days!...10! why? they are dragons...they have wings for goodness sake, they fly :(

  12. lols @ waffled! I should have, but I got so excited when I saw the book on NG and you know with this series, I knew it was going to be a short one, but dang...maybe it would have benefited better if it was a full length story...yeah, I seriously think it would have.

    Girl, my cousin has been on my back to read Donna Grant's books. I'm going too :)

    I totally agree on the 2nd book, it was much better than the 1st one although I did have love for Stig & Cora.

    Like I didn't understand that. Why did he have to be her mate...nothing against younger women, but why not put him with a older woman #ijs, lols.

  13. bwahahaha! gurl. I had the WTH face when I read it. Nothing against virgins...I used to be one, lmboooo!!! but I don't want to read about them. Especially with a man that has been around the block like idk a million times...nope, I'll pass.

  14. It's true. I was like a little kid hopping from foot to foot "Should I?" "I don't have time." "But I really want to!" "I don't know." And then I saw your review. Oh yeah, the fact that the heroine is like a college baby also turned me off. I mean, like you said, her mate is sooo much older and probably has tons of experience, and she hasn't experienced life yet. Maybe it was the untouched territory that got him all excited. But I hear you, she could easily have been made to be older.

    Girl, get on those books! :D

  15. lmbo...that was me Michelle and I clicked. I think she went in fast and quick with this one. I mean don't get me wrong, her writing is always good. but the story itself? flat.

    Good point about untouched territory, it still gave me the ick factor though, lols. I just think we need to sense...reality with these contemporary read, no matter the genre. He was to old for her, if that was my daughter, he would be beat into the ground, lols.

    I am. Every time my cousin ask...I'm like not yet and she give me the evil eye, lols. She has read every single book. The woman snorts her books I believe.

  16. My friends have raved about her Russian Protector series, and I have three of them that I have yet to read. I started with this one first and thought, not bad, but also not exactly memorable. It's one of those reads where the reviewer says "If you're looking for a quick, hot read before bed, on the beach, on the toilet, etc."

    Yeah, I think the last time I read a PNR with a really old mate and a nubile, virgin heroine, it was Twilight. At least Sparkleward insisted on being seen as 17 instead of 108.

    I'd snort that too if instead of getting high I could snort up that sexing too, lol.

  17. I read the 1st book in the Russian Protector series and I was meh about it.Right again, not memorable. Honestly, the most books I've been getting by her lately are her IR romances and even a couple of those were meh. I loved the 1st book in her Grabbbed series (she wrote under Lolita Lopez too) I haven't read the rest because I think she was in that whole mess with her publisher Ellora's Cove).

    bwahahaha! I just got back into PNR and I started with the 1st two books in a shifter series by Sydney Addae which was outstanding. Older woman with adult kids and a Grumpy wolf....loved it! I have to finish the rest of the books, but decided to take a little time and put a dent in my review list.

    agreed Michelle, I would too, lols!

  18. Maybe we're at the point where we're worn out on the same character tropes all the time or plots. I've been looking for some different things lately, hence Donna Grant who makes me think of the Warden, Cole, Showalter, Frank, Ione and Adrian. They create worlds that these "pump out the short stories" authors don't do, and their plots are more involved or complicated. I probably will still break things up with the occasional quickie though.

    I still haven't found any IR for my taste. I always run into the character cliched feisty Latina who happens to be BBW.

    Mature woman with kids seeks grumpy lupine. Must be house broken. Lol, love it!

  19. Loved reading your thoughts on this one. I haven't read the first two books, but I tend to be picky about novella's or shorter books, because they tend to be a bit too rushed, and I love seeing a relationship develop and its pretty challenging to do when its not very long.

  20. the first two books were quick reads too but with this one, there was so many things missing, I just couldn't connect with it at all. Mainly the romance between these two.

  21. I don't like it when characters fall in love to quickly, but in a novella it isa bti mroe common, even so I have read novella's which still could include falling in love without feeling like it went too fast. I've also had enough with the virgin trope who's still really good even though it's her first time, it's so unrealistic.

  22. HaHa Okay I know you had your issues with it but those issues are kind of pulling me to the story. A big bad dragon who can't save his mate, let alone himself? LoL Although I worry that the story may be a little too drawn out for my tastes. I may give it a shot if I can snag it for free.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous