Movie Review: Belle

Monday, March 9, 2015

Genre: Historical Drama
Rate: PG
Time: 1 hour and 44 minutes
Release Dates:
UK ~ June 2014
USA ~ May 2014
Director: Amma Ansante
Writers: Misan Sagay
Starring:  Gugu Mbatha-RawTom WilkinsonMiranda RichardsonPenelope WiltonSam ReidMatthew GoodeEmily WatsonSarah GadonTom Felton and James Norton

Movie Description
The mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle in 18th century England.

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My Review

There is something about the term “know your history”...right? And most of us don’t use or relate too it unless we actively care to know or actively look. The movie Belle is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, illegitimate daughter of Captain John Lindsay and slave Maria Belle. Belle or Dido as she was called in the movie was raised by her Uncle William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield and his wife. She was brought up as a lady along with her cousin Elizabeth Murray.

I’ve been wanting to catch Belle for the longest time since it’s release in 2014. It had very limited releases in the states and I waited patiently for it to be released on Netflix, I looked constantly although not recently. So imagine when I came across a post by my fellow blogger buddy Braine over at TalkSupe where she caught the movie on HBO and had did a mini review. Well, to say the least, I quickly searched, found and DVR’d it. With the most ridiculous weather we have ever experienced going on, I finally was able to sit my butt down and watch it this past Friday. Let me just say that it was well worth the wait.

The story of Dido is imagine this young black woman being raised as a lady in Jane Austen era England totally intrigued me. I couldn't wrap my head around it, so I”m happy to see that her story was made into a feature film.

I know ya’ll like, I wish she would get on with her review...lols! Okay, okay....ah, the movie. It was emotional...


Belle revolved around Dido's relationship with her family, her social status during this time and her relationship with the man whom I found out was her husband in real life, John Davinier. As much as I read interracial romances, there was another reason I wanted to see Belle. I wanted to see a mainstream movie where there is a relationship with a woman of color that something sweet and loving, not negative. I think director, Amma Asante did a wonderful job of making this happen.  Especially given the time period of Dido’s life.

In the movies depiction of her time with her family. You got the feeling that Dido was the much beloved niece of Mansfield but you still saw the stigma of the bigotry that she faced, it broke my heart to see her struggle with things. Like how she couldn't eat dinner with the family when guest were present BUT she was allowed to have tea with the ladies after. “Proper” English men lusting after her but hating her for her skin color. How her family knew that she would never find a suitable marriage because she was a mulatto. 

You got the feeling that her character was made to be just a little gullible when it came to certain things, like the part where she was confused as to why she couldn't attend some social outings to find a husband during the season along with her cousin Elizabeth. I myself would like to believe that in real life Dido was not this naive...that she knew exactly how the color of her skin affected her social status during this time.

The movie also covers a crucial time in England when her Uncle had to rule on a decision about a case that dealt with slavery in the country at the time. I liked the fact that they made it appear that Dido’s relationship with her Uncle affected his decision on this now famous case. I read somewhere that the decision pretty much abolished slavery in England. I also adored the way the movie covered her relationship with her Uncle. Although this is a fictional account of Dido’s life, I can’t help but think that Mansfield really did feel this way about his niece. He raised her and her portrait (of her with her cousin Elizabeth) still hangs in his childhood home to this day, why wouldn't he feel something for her? In any case, it was another well represented facet in the movie.

Dido Belle and her cousin Elizabeth Murray: source
the portrait that inspired a movie

Then there was the covering of the romance between Dido and John Davinier. Oh my lawd...ya’ll it was friggin amazing and just done so well. I loved the feels that both the actress and actor gave me while I watched. It was a slow build up with Dido meeting him as he assisted her Uncle with some paperwork on legal cases and then with them getting to know each other as John worked on the slavery case her Uncle was making the decision on. Little touches here and there between them, it was all wonderful to see. That he did not pounce upon her or assume she was a certain way because she was mulatto was telling.

Scenes that made me weepy:

John professing his love for Dido in her Uncle’s carriage...girl, bye! it made me do a fist pump and cry, was heartfelt. Dido telling John how much she loved him.


The most heartbreaking part to watch was Dido looking at herself in her bedroom mirror. I...just couldn't....couldn't deal. I had to pause the movie to catch my breath.

It was like she wanted to rub her skin off and I’m telling ya’ll it hurt to see that. Can you imagine knowing that you are loved, but not really? That you can't be with your family on all occasions? Because of the color of your skin? Heartbreaking.

All and all, I loved the way Dido was represented in this movie...we know most movies can get it wrong and we end up sometimes questioning why it was even made BUT I feel they did a spectacular job here. Dido was smart, beautiful and beloved. English society may have looked down upon her but I don’t think her family did or I like to think that they didn't. Because as the person who wrote the screenplay for this movie, Misan Sagay does a simple housemaid’s daughter, a woman of color end up in a portrait along well known and prominent family? Represented in the most upstanding way that a POC at the time never wasn't? There had to be something more to it and there was time for Dido Elizabeth Belle's story to be told. 

Her story is well portrayed in Belle. And big up to the actress who played the part as well, Gugu Mbatha-Raw did a fantastic job...I don’t think they could have picked a better actress. She WAS Dido Elizabeth Belle. She embodied the character perfectly.

Belle’s Rating

Belle is well worth watching and I implore you to catch it as it just doesn't just cover Dido’s life but it also gives you a good glimpse into English society and how women were treating back then and what social status entailed. BUT the shining star in this movie is Dido herself.

After more research, Murray's family is looking more into Dido's life as many of them didn't know about her and that...that is simply inspiring.

Movie Trailer

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  1. Wow Sharonda that sounds amazing! I'd not heard of it (not surprising though I so live under a rock where movies are concerned). That it's based on history is really interesting. That really is quite the story.

  2. Lols! To tell u the truth too. I had heard some rumble on twitter about it and then someone had asked if I saw it. It really is a wonderful movie, just blew me away, it was so well done.

  3. Darn, I was hoping it was on Netflix. Gonna have to wait and see if I can catch it there :)

  4. I know right, I would.have thought Netflix had it by now. But its worth the wait ;)

  5. Since I'm "In the Know With Ro"(lol) I can't believe I've never heard of this movie, but I'm so glad you've made me aware and I need to find it for viewing. You give a great review! Hugs...

  6. lols :)

    If I hadn't seen the tweets about it on twitter I would not have know about it myself. But I'm glad I was able to finally watch it, it was a really good movie.


  7. This one's been on my list too. I love that portrait of the two cousins b/c I agree with the authority on the movie that the portrait wouldn't have happened or been displayed if it wasn't true. I've read Wilberforce's work to abolish slavery in England a few years back, but didn't know about this family until last year. Glad the movie lived up to the story.

  8. Great review! I'm glad that you had the same reaction that I did after seeing this one! I was lucky enough to see the actual painting at Scone Palace in Scotland when we were on vacation several years ago. That painting was one of the memorable moments for my daughters who were getting tired of being dragged through castles by their crazy mother!

  9. Yep and they did a good job of covering the relationship between Dido and Elizabeth too, sister cousins...I just fell in love with that term :)

    I have to read more on it cause it seems her Uncle covered 2 cases that dealt with slavery while Dido was in his care and there was talk of her affecting his decision on both.

    Good movie, it really did live up to its potential. Im glad I dvr'd it cuz I can keep watching it or at least until I pick up the DVD ;)

  10. Thanks Monica! It was truly an amazing movoe, the director and cast did a great job.

    Oh, that is amazing that you were see the portrait. Im putting this on my bucket list because I really want to see it in person :)

  11. Glad you loved this so much. And to pause it because of the emotion running through you... brilliant! Fab review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  12. Now that you say you loved it, I wanna watch it too... I saw that it was on HBO but I didn't know if I'd like it (not a big fan of drama). Dammit I hate to cry though. Sounds like a heartbreaker and a winner <3 Must do some researche this. Thanks for sharing!

  13. OMG JOHN!!! I LOVE YOU!!

    THE FEELS!!!!

  14. Goel, if I had on pearls, they would have been clutched, lols!

  15. That was an emotional part...the feels were crazy..thanks Naomi :)

  16. Its a heartbreaker and I cant promise u wont cry because u will.

    Thanks for stopping by Sarah :)

  17. It's just cruel to gush about a heartbreaker and make me want to watch it!!! LOL

  18. I didn't know about this movie Sharonda! I LOVE this kind of movies! You can bet I'll be watching this weekend. Thank you for sharing :)

  19. I haven't heard of this...I have to watch this NOW!! Will make sure I have some tissues on hand though. I love those emotional roller coasters.

  20. yay! it's well worth watching. Such a heartbreaking and feel good movie rolled all up into one :D

    ya welcome and thanks for stopping by Loupe :)

  21. Yup, have tissues...maybe a whole box. I did, lols :) Very well worth watching. All of the actors were amazing!