Tuesday Jams #123

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Oh man... I've been gone too long! Sorry!! I've been extremely busy with life. Anywho, I thought I'd share a song that is new to me, but helps express exactly how I feel. My ex broke up with me a few weeks ago (totally didn't help with my already stressed self) and to add to my stress, I binge ate (everything in my sight), and bought lots and lots of makeup to make me feel better.... seriously... anywho, one of the songs that fit my mood during that time was, Broken Melody by Tessanne Chin

I'm absolutely in love with this song. It's bittersweet and fits what I went through, am going through. I miss him, but less and less each day, that's great, right? Anyway. I thought Tessanne Chin was a new to me artist, but turns out I remembered her from The Voice. I didn't watch the season, but I remembered her and thought she was awesome. Anyway, enjoy :)

Her ex is lucky my crazy ass ain't in CA. But I'm sending my girl hugs and muah's! My jam this week is a party one because I want her to feel better and forget the jerk that was is a jerk.

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