#BookReview: Amore (Battaglia Mafia #5) by Sienna Mymx

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Source: Personal Copy
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: March 15, 2015
Author: Sienna Mynx
Series: Battaglia Mafia #5
Genre: Mafia Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

This review I'm going to do a bit different, I get a little hood passionate with this one so bear with me. I'm going to break it down by the people..couples I felt impacted the story for me. They are pretty much the focus of Amore' besides the Don & Donna and uhm fare warning, I do my fare share of cussing ;) This series only gets better and better and that is a true testament of this author's writing. She had me on the edge of my seat and did I say I was cussing?

~Lorenzo Battaglia & Marietta Battaglia ~

Lorenzo...I hate him *flips table!!* and not Housewife style either. Okay, I’m done with this dude. Sienna writes him to be this character that you just love to hate or love..I hate him. What to say about him. Let’s see, Lorenzo is up to his usual fuckery but he and Marietta are tested in Amore, their marriage gets a little bit of a shake up when Lorenzo finds out that Marietta has been keeping quite the secret. Lorenzo has his own secret and it is a bit more revealed to more people and I’m just sitting here waiting for Giovanni to find out cuz yo, I am dying to read what he is going to do. Lorenzo is trying to secure his place as Gio's second and I get it...I really do but man oh man, I can’t wait to see the shit when it hits this fan.  Marietta is crazy and I mean like her elevator ain't reaching the top floor type crazy. As much as I liked her in the previous books...my like for her is going down. She is impulsive and doesn't think about things before she does them (she is fucking perfect for Lorenzo) Marietta focuses too much on the past. She so focused on it that it is in a sense ruining her relationship with her husband and sister...her family. I understand why Marietta feels the way she does but I’m like Mirabella if she doesn't let go of the past, that shit is surely going to fuck her future up. I hope that with all that has happened, she can move on...but I don’t  know because ol girl is hard headed as all get out so we shall see.

~Dominic Battaglia & Catalina Battaglia ~

Ugh, Sienna...are you trying to give me a heart attack? come on now...why you gotta mess with Domi? what my man ever do to you? lols...you are killing me. Another relationship tested but Dominic and Catalina have a man problem. A man problem that Catalina is growing attracted to by the day. Dominic has gone through so much and now that he finally has Gio’s approval of this marriage to Catalina...ol dum-dum Catalina calls herself liking Armando, who also happens to be Mirabella’s & Marietta’s half brother. *Sigh*, the romance between Dominic & Catalina was fast moving and all consuming and Catalina is young...hasn't really experienced the world so some Don winking at her silly ass is exciting. I know Sienna is testing their love for each other but man, listen...don’t be hurting my mans feelings and I like Catalina, don't make dislike her too. Dominic already has enough going on with stupid Lorenzo and trying to prove that he can be just as lethal as the rest of the men in the Battaglia family AND legitimize Giovanni’s business. Why he gotta have girl problems too? #Imjustsaying. We shall see where this goes, but I don’t like it...not one bit. Dominic is the only dude with common damn sense...you gonna push him over the edge woman, lols.

~Armando Mancini ~

Mirabella’s & Marietta’s half brother. The bastard is simply manipulating Marietta because he knows how she can be when it comes to getting closer to him as a brother, I'm glad Mirabella is a bit more wary of his trifling ass. Armando only wants one thing and it’s not to have a brotherly bond with his long lost sisters. Oh and the fucker calls himself wanting Catalina too. Pfft! I hope Gio cuts his balls off...nevermind, I hope Dominic does it. Armando gets a little closer to the Battaglia’s because he helps when some bad things go down but Giovanni doesn't really trust him and he shouldn't. Armando also finds out Lorenzo’s secret...wonder what he is going to do with it.

~Shae & Carlo ~

This was another side romance in the story. I don’t know how I feel about it and to tell you the truth, I didn't care for Shae at all. She is Marietta’s friend from way back when and comes to Italy for Marietta’s & Mirabella’s birthday bash. She doesn't fit in the Battaglia world IMO but she is a easy distraction for Carlo. Carlo goes through a lot in Amore and he loses a lot too. He has grown as a character and I loved his story and character development here. I want to see and hear more of him as the series progresses and maybe not so much with Shae by his side.  

~Kei Retuns ~

Kei is Mirabella’s jilted ex lover and if you read the previous books then you know he wants revenge against Giovanni and Mirabella. He has been waiting in the background, like the damn stalker he is...waiting for the right moment to get said revenge. Kei is all kinds of crazy, he is a straight nut who uses his leadership of the Chinese version of the mafia to get back at Mirabella and Gio. Good gravy, his character is the perfect bad guy...he is like one of those bad guys that you can’t wait until somebody and I mean anybody just offs his ass. There is nothing good about him and there probably never was.. How did Mirabella ever not see his side of crazy before? At least with Giovanni, his crazy is all out in the open...Kei is a sneaky crazy and how is that ever a good combination?

~Giovanni (Don) & Mirabella (Donna) Battaglia~

I love this couple and their relationship is also tested but not in the ways of the others. They are your main couple and everything always revolves around these two. Although Mirabella is happy with her husband and children, she wants a little bit more control. She knows her husband puts up with her fashion business, but she wants him to take her passion a little bit more serious. Giovanni would do anything for Mira...he loves her with every fiber in his being but her coming out into the open again risks everything that he has worked so hard to protect. I love the love between these two and I enjoy so much glimpsing into their world. How Mira has come into her own as Donna of the family and I loved getting a peek of Gio with the kids although I do wish we would get a more calmer Don when the bad stuff goes down. Every time something happens to Mirabella, Giovanni loses his shit and I do mean in a bad way. I mean he is the Don of a family and I know he loves this woman over his own life, but damn Sienna can we get a more calculating Don? I love Gio the death...I do. He is alpha all the way but jeez louise, he be all ready to murder every damn body. I be scared he going to hurt somebody in the family because they trying to tell him to pull his head out of his ass and get right. Gio & Mira come out of this latest fiasco, they do. But as the scars on the outside heal, the one on the inside run deep...the question is, will those scars have a temporary or lasting effect on our main couple?

~The Story~

In true Sienna Mynx style, Amore is another fantastic addition to the series. More secrets come out and there is revenge, death and mayhem. Loyalties are tested and betrayal runs buck wild. The sex is hotter than hell. It is just another day in the Battaglia Mafia world and this reader is just a squirrel trying to get a Battaglia nut...those nuts are damn good. Looking to get swept up in a sweeping romantic drama? filled with enough tension to make you a little bipolar? Well the Battaglia's are perfect for you.

Just don’t make me wait a whole nother year for book six Sienna :D

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  1. Lols! Thanks Sarah...i would definitely say read this from the first book in the series, there are a lot of key characters and story detail.

  2. Thanks Anna :), lols...this one had my pressure up. Yep a lot of characters in this series but she always tie everything up good.

  3. Between those two and Lorenzo, I didnt know who to hate more...wait definitely Lorenzo, lols..ugh, he got under my skin.

    She is definitely sadistic with these guys, lmbo

  4. Thanks Mel! Its the fifth book in the series and I def recommend reading it from book one, there is a lot of back story...

  5. Yep but they are characters u read about in the previous books except for Shae...she new. Its definitely a series to start from the 1st book or u would be lost for sure. But its a series well worth the investment.

  6. Lmbo! It was so good Loupe...absolutely love it :) thanks!