#BookReview: Claimed by A Demon King by Felicity Heaton

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Source: Rabid Reads (Author Assistant)
Format: ePub (NOOK)
Published: February 22, 2014
Series: Eternal Mates #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | Kobo |ARe | Authors Website
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My Review

Ya know what? I love this series so far by Felicity Heaton. I mean I'm not much of a fan of her chicks sometimes but the dudes? oh, they make up for it wholeheartedly. Book 2 in her Eternal Mates series, this story revolves around huntress Sable and demon king Thorne.

The gist, Sable and her crew goes into the Third Realm to help in the War that is going on. Sable uses this as her advantage to move up in Archangel...something she has been looking forward to doing forever so she can't let something like her attraction and feelings towards one Demon King get in the way, no matter how much he is constantly on her mind.

Thorne knows who is mate is and its Sable. He's not going to let her or a dark elf named Bleu get in his way. As they move closer into war and attractions run high, will Thorne win Sable's affections? or will their burgeoning lust take second place to Sable's career ambitions? A demon has a lot of work to do.

Bottom line, I loved this damn story! F. Heaton has a wicked imagination and I love getting lost in her world and her character's lust, lols. This story picks up right from the 1st book, Kissed by a Dark Prince. But I will say that Sable was a bit more likable than Olivia. And speaking of the 1st book, our favorite elves return in this 2nd book but this story is all Thorne and Sable. I liked them together... a lot.

With strong world and character building, any lover of all things paranormal will totally get a boner reading Claimed by A Demon King. Strong and kick ass heroine? uhm yes. Sexxy ass Alpha male without overdoing it? uhm hell to the yes!

I highly recommend you check this series out. I'm on my way to read the book three and that...ghurrlll! I been dying to get to it.

Claimed By A Demon King Rating

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