#BookReview ~ Darkness Falls (Reveler 1) by Erin Kellison

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Source: Author Assistant
Format: eBook (ARC)
Published: May 12, 2014
Author: Erin Kellinson
Series: Reveler #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iTunes (Currently Free) | +Goodreads

My Review

The concept of this story is that folks are able to have have lucid thoughts and actions in their dreams. Reveler is a new and very expensive addiction for people in this story. Jordan Lane and her sister Maise are taking their first trip in dreamland and when they wake up, things won’t ever be the same again.

Agent Malcolm Rook who works for Chimera, a government agency that patrols Reveler...they are suppose to keep the bad things and people out. Rook as he is called in the story is now a recruiter...he goes in the dreams to flush out potential agents for Chimera. His job here is to convince Jordan and her sister to work for the government after he discovers that Jordan has talents that would benefit Chimera very well.

I like the premise of this story...there is this kind of Inception type theme going on with it you know? But in all honestly I didn’t get the romance between Rook and Jordan, things happened very quickly between them and it like a matter of a day, Rook kinda figured that Jordan was his. Plus I felt like the story was a little jumbled because of all the information we were given. The story has also has a little bit of a horror feel to it because it seems your nightmares can follow you out of the dream world and into reality, I thought this was a good part of the story.

Bottom line, Darkness Falls has a lot going on it...so much so, I felt a little lost at times. I think this would have benefited from being a tad longer. But its a nice start to what seems to be an interesting series. Although, I can see myself bypassing the sisters story because she was annoying as all heck here.

Darkness Falls Rating

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  1. Sounds a bit different....but I do have a hard time reading stories that can be confusing at times, although I have a feeling I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

  2. very different, Ive haven't come across a series that focused on folks dreams. I would recommend reading it and hey, who can pass up a freebie :)

  3. Intriguing premise, sorry the execution didn't pass muster :/ Lucid dreaming is a thing I've learned about only recently, when I started having issues with my own dreams. Not sure I buy into it, but I have to admit its plausible. Its curious this book wasn't great and it reminded you of Inception, because i thought Inception was an awesome concept but wasn't executed as good as it could have been. Funny how these things work out!

  4. Inception was a good movie although I did not get the ending...

    Anyways, in part...I think the execution in Darkness Falls needed a little boost and I really feel like the romance got in the way with this one.

    I think we have access to amazing things and if if maybe making some of our dreams reality would be a great step towards a future I believe we should have access to by now.

  5. Oh hell. I would be in so much trouble if my freaking nightmares could follow me. Ahhh creepy! That's too bad it wasn't quite there. Hopefully that's something that'll work itself out as the series goes along.

  6. This sounds like it would confuse me if I read it.

  7. lols! right, I'm like nah...that's okay ;)

    Yeah, the story just missed the mark for me. I hope the series picks up but for now, I'll leave it alone, lols.

  8. yep...very confusing Mel. Def would have benefited from being longer.

  9. Inception, that's it!

    I didn't get the romance part too. I wish she either made it a slow burn, spanning several novellas, or just did away with it. It was more of a distraction than an enhancement to the story

  10. It really was a distraction given all the other stuff that was in the story...they just didnt fit as a couple. Like she couldnt stand him one minute and the next, she was moving in?...

    It definitely should have been a slow burn...maybe had their romance progress across the series like u said.

    she definitely has a interesting concept but yeah...that romance didnt work.

  11. Some series don't start with a bang, and sometimes that's a good thing if they you find them interesting enough to continue. I like that you found potential in the series. I'll keep my eyes open for your review of the following books.
    Thanks Sharonda :)

  12. Thats true Loupe but its a good enough start to continue with the series..although her sister Maise I can see myself not liking her at all, lols.

  13. Lovely review...I am not a huge fan of the instant love theme...sometimes if the author does it right it can be good, but that is very difficult to do. I much prefer the slow burning, building up of the relationship and all.But I wouldn't mind trying this one out though.