#BookReview: Elah's Plaything by Lydia Rowan

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Source: Author
Format: eBook (NOOK)
Published: December 3, 2014
Series: Playthings #3
Author: Lydia Rowan
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | AReKobo

My Review

You know how you reading a story sometimes and the folks in it are getting on your nerves? like you just wished the author had done something different.

Well, that did not happen in Elah's Plaything. Oh, no...I think Lydia Rowan secretly snuck in my thoughts and was like "you know what Sharonda, I'm gonna hook you up" She understood me...we are there together, lol.

What's going on here is that Elah Avakian wants revenge against Charlotte Trufant's father who is a crooked city council man. Charolotte's father played a role in Elah's dads murder and Elah wants to bring him down. So what does he do? He threatens said council man with revealing all of the dirty low down shit he has done (and still continues to do) by forcing a marriage between himself and Charlotte. You see Elah has seen the council man with his daughter, knows the man loves her beyond anything. So Elah figures, I'm going to take something precious away from him like he did to me...let me  start with his daughter. 

Charlotte is like what the hell is going on here when her father doesn't really fight Elah's blackmail offer. Her father would never do the things that Elah is accusing him of. But Charlotte being the person she is gives in and marries Elah, hell bent on convincing him that he has her dad pegged wrong. 

Ghurlll, let me pull up a damn chair and tell you about this story. You see I liked this one so much because although Elah wanted his revenge, in a sense he wasn't a bad person. You sometimes read these stories and folks are so intent on getting to their goal, they forget the folks that they dragged into their mess. Well, Elah didn't forget about Charlotte. Yeah, he was a bit mean at times but he wasn't rude or disrespectful towards her and with Charlotte working her way into his heart with her selfless ways...ol boy really didn't stand a chance against her. And because Elah wasn't such a cruel person, Charlotte could get pass the way they came together, the forced marriage. She could see that Elah was a good person...see the way he was hurt by loosing his father at such a young age. It made her fall for him and hard too. 

I also liked the little quirks that Ms. Rowan added to these characters...like even though Elah was this self made millionaire, he was a bit messy and Charlotte was this neat freak. 
"He removed his jacked and tossed it on one of the chairs, where it landed in a light swish. She watched the jacket fall, and he noticed her slight grimace. He picked the jacket up and neatly draped it across the chair, smiling at the satisfied nod she gave".
Elah was somewhat of a gardener...growing out his own garden which reminded him of his dad who was a florist. He was such a enigmatic character...so different IMO from what you usually read when you come across these stories of millionaires and their thirst for revenge. I mean after all was said and done...when these two finally realized that they loved each other despite the terrible circumstances their relationship derived of, it was Elah who was trying to convince Charlotte to give her father another chance. 

And the sex...damn! It was hawt, had me reading the passages twice. The side characters were great to read too. Charlotte's best friend and Elah's friend...seems they have history and I gather their story will be next book in the series. Her father was a bastard, he just wasn't nice at all. Like when he talked to Elah about Charlotte, he wasn't even a bit remorseful of the hurt that he caused Elah or any of the other people, telling Elah "it is what it is"...like fucking really man? You had a hand in this man's fathers death, blackmailed him as a child to get him not to talk against you and that is what you tell him? He just wasn't likable at all. 

For the length of the tale, Ms. Rowan did a exceptional job with these characters growth and the world building was done well too. And although this is book 3 in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. From what I gathered about the series via Goodreads, each book in the series can be read as a stand alone so you can start where you want without being lost. 

This isn't my first time reading Lydia Rowan, I read her Beneath the Boss series which I loved the hell out of so I'm really happy she offered me a chance to read Elah's Plaything, it was well worth the time spent. Elah and Charlotte has become one of my favorite book couples. And did I mention that Elah was of Armenian decent...don't think I've come across that yet in my interracial reads...nice!

Elah's Plaything Rating

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