Monthly Faves: April 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015


What is up guys! Remember we told you about new things coming to BnB? Well this is one of them! Yepps. Monthly Faves. And this is not just for books and book related things. It’ll be about anything and everything. So if you wanna join in, don’t be shy!


Ah April….it was crazy especially the last week since it was our fiscal end at work...I think everyone forgot what their job title was, lols. And I would never be one to say that I was glad the month is over because it my birthday month but damn oh damn am I glad that April has come to an end. Me I have few favorites I would like to share….

14813_900x1350.jpgI’m going to start with a TV show and that is iZombie. So this show is based on a comic by DC Comics Vertigo imprint.

changes some names, job titles...yada yada and you have a new CW hit. Thanks to Melissa over at Lily Element and author Anya Breton, I am definitely hooked. I love the characters and the diversity of the show. If you are looking for a Zombie fix while TWD is on break you need to catch this show. And Clive...the detective Liv works with is like the TWD’s Daryl...should anything happen to him...I’m rioting. I mean I love Liv but Clive?

22124.jpgthat’s my dude! Oh and her boss is awesome too.
And I would just like to add that Rose McIver who plays Liv on the show favorited like two of my tweets! She is a totes bad ass for that!

Book wise, I would have to say Elah’s Plaything by Lydia Rowan...listen all I’m gonna say is that I loved the heroine, I didn't want to reach through my eReader and wish I could choke the dear life out of her...THAT is a step in the right direction for Sharonda! okay! Now some may call her a wimp, but Charlotte in my mind was a strong, normal and relatable character. And d.o.n.t get me started on the male, I loved him bad. He is currently stuffed in my book boyfriend closet with the rest *smiles innocently*. My review is HERE. And because we are cover whores at Brazen Babes….

20150501_224610.jpgLipstick. Okay, I’ve never been a fan because I’ve always been self conscious about the ones on my face.. Yes, some are like scrambling to make their’s bigger BUT mines were never felt to be a sexxy part of me until I got older and pretty much stopped caring what the hell folks thought. So, I’ve been experimenting and thanks to my blog partner who has directed me to a site where I can pretty much get products cheaper (I <3 that woman bad!)...well, lets just take a look.  I wanted to try a orange which I picked up at a local beauty supply store, a pink, a nude….and some purples. Which BTW all of the colors look fantastic on me...maybe one day I’ll show you a pic ;)


Hey, hey! So I have a few faves from the month of April. April was one hell of a hellstorm for me, but I survived it! Anyway, on to my faves!!

Alrighty, the first of my April faves has got to be my Savvy Infusion water bottle! I’m absolutely in love with this thing and it totally beats me buying 1L water bottles every time I’m out. I was never a fan of putting lemon in my water or anything for that matter, but with my new fusion water bottle I don’t mind. I even mix in other fruits. I bought this bad boy from Amazon for $20 and it literally is perfect. Click HERE to take you to Amazon :)

Another one of my faves has got to be my “Baby Shower Clouds” DIY that I did this month for my mom’s co-workers babyshower. It was really easy to put together and once I added the lights, everything just “popped” more. And it looked AH-MAY-ZING at night :) This video is just a preview of what I was working on. The final outcome looked a lot better on the day/night of the baby shower, I just forgot to film a video of it. If you have me added on Snapchat, than you should have seen it there a few weeks ago. I bought the lights online and they’re called “curtain lights” so I’ll attach a link HERE for you to check them out if you want to buy them for your own special project :)

hearthstone1.jpgLast but not least, this is a game that I’ve been playing lately. And more so lately, because they finally came out on mobile! that means I can play ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!! lol.
And that game is called Hearthstone. I don’t want to go into too many details about it, because I’d just about talk your ear off, but it is a card game and it is free to play. If you’d like to try your hand at it you can download it HERE.

Well, that’s as far as faves go, I know, I know… how incredibly lame of me, right? SORRY! Don’t throw rocks at me. I didn’t read any books this month (again, sorry!) so nothing book related. QQ Do you have any faves for April? Let us know :)

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