Monthly Topic #2: Dislikes In Our Romance Reads

Monday, May 4, 2015

So, we told you guys that we were going to do monthly discussion on a variety of things. Some may be book related and some may not. This months convo will be on what we don’t like to see or are about tired of seeing in our romance reads.

Dislikes in Our Romance Reads

Sharonda: Let me start off by saying that (and I know folks are probably tired of seeing this) but, I’m about tired of seeing virgins in my romances. Now, I don’t have anything against virgins, I used to be one of course, lmbo! But come on now. And especially when said virgin turns into a porn star only a day or two after her first experience with the man of her dreams. Just! I’m done with these troupes. I mean seriously, I just don’t understand it. As a mature woman, I personally would like to see more experienced women in my romances. I don’t think it’s fair that we get some damn man who has been around the block more than twice and we can’t at least see more female characters who aren’t afraid to take on their sexuality? #IJS

Ana: lol @ I used to be one of course… uhmm… no comment xD Honestly, that’s why I tend to read more NA/YA romances, at least in the majority of them I don’t have to deal with sex and the romance is just puppy love… I mean… I’m with you all the way, why she gotta go full blown porn star on us after she got her v-card swiped? Fahreals?!

Sharonda: *snort* v-card eh? I hear you, although YA and some NA tends to be too angsty for my tastes at times, but I definitely understand. I myself am really hard my heroines. I love tough, kick-ass, snarky and strong characters. I do but…
Sometimes, it’s like what is up with the hard headed, don’t listen (knowing your dumb self is about to get killed or something), I’m just going to do what I want type chicks of late? What the good gravy is up with this? Like doing something that would intentionally hurt the hero or another person in the story is just too much. Please stop mixing that up with a “strong heroine” because she is not. She is irritating and annoying and you know what I’m about to do? hmmmm? DNF the dang on book. It don’t make no sense that I only want to continue a story because of the hero and romance ain’t suppose to be that least not in a book I’m reading, lols.

Ana:  I’m with you on that one. I love my heroines badass. To the effing core. With a sprinkle of sassy. Mhm. xD Lately I’ve been reading novels with heroines that start off badass and then they just turn into whiney beaaatches. -__- I just ain’t having it.

Sharonda: Lols! ah yes, the whiner. No, me no like her either. It’s very rare we get a character that is in-between the two. It’s getting damn depressing ya’ll.

Ana:  As far as my romances go, there’s not much I want. I want a damned good story with meaningful sex… well, I mean, all the sex is great, but come on.. I don’t want sex from beginning to end for no effing reason. Just woke up, gotta throw in a sex scene. Oh shit, he’s drinking coffee and making it look so good, might as well jump his bones… in the car on the way to work? Why the fuck not. NO. NOOOOOOOO. I refuse. I want the budding romance, slow to blossom and when it hits, it hits hella hard. Maybe I’m reading the wrong damned books. This is why I tend to read books that are older. Early 2000’s late 90’s. I feel those books are more what I’m looking for in romance books. And not he’s a fucking billionaire and she’s his fucking secretary. Eh. I’m done. Let me leave this damned convo now before I rant harder.

Sharonda: Oh, good point Ana. Let’s get a “good” story in between all this humping around because let me tell you, I’d rather watch porn than read it. Everything is so rushed now, there are a lot of insta romances out there and I think we are losing the fundamental reason why we started reading romances in the first place. I know for me, it was to get lost in the fight with the heroine/hero for the, I miss those stories. Oh good gravy, the billionaires *lets out a long breath*, I'll will be first to admit that if I see billionaire in the title of a book...I'm out. And can he not be all broken with a mile long range of issues. And I do mean to the point where I’m questioning how the heck he can even be saved? What? We can’t get a happy rich dude? And what the heck happened to the regular Joe? The bus driver, banker, idk...some man I can actually see a heroine meeting? ah well.

And this leads to the books that are broken apart into 3 to 5 different books focusing on the same couple *sigh*. ME ← *points to self*, I am missing full length books. I’m tired of books 1, 2 & 3. I do still read them but again I want more full stories. One thing I cannot stand is to get swept up in a couple and then boom! now I gotta wait for book 2. Oh gawd, that grinds my nerves. Just give me the full story, please!

Ana: yes guhrl, I’d rather watch porn as well. When I read, I want a story that I can’t get in real life. No matter how realistic the author tries to make it. But I have read a book (and it was BDSM - and no I am not knocking BDSM) but it was literally sex beginning to end with no story. I want my romance! Yes, I’m about done with the insta-love bs that’s being pushed as of late. YES! Regular Joe’s. He doesn’t even need to be perfect. He doesn’t need a six pack, although I know that’s what appeals most people, but I just want a down to earth romance novel and I’ll be a content lil reader.

Sharonda: Nods too. There are only a few authors I stick too that write in the BDSM/Erotica genre and that’s because they give me a good story and good sexual scenes..both are tied together. I just want to be a content reader...that’s all. I don’t mind a little angst in my romance because what's is a story without some drama and heck I don’t even mind contemporaries, came across a few good ones of late...really that is pretty much what I've been reading of late But I just want my romance back...that’s all.

So, tell us what you are about tired of seeing in your romance reads. Comment below.

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