Tuesday Jams #126

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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What is up! I hope y'all had an amazing week and hopefully had a good start to this week :) So at work this past weekend (yes, I work weekends. All the tears) Anywho, at work, a song played and I was like.. hold up! Let me take out my phone and SHAZAM this! And I instantly fell in love. So the name of this song is called Overload by Life of Dillion. This is a new to me artist and if it's a new to you artist as well, YAY! Enjoy :)

okay, this is something of a throwback. I remember hearing this song sitting in my Uncle's car and the thing is, my Uncle didn't listen to rock music. He had this big 80's something car that was tricked out and it had huge speakers in it...you could hear dude miles away. Drove my grandmother crazy. So I'm sitting there like "why?" and of course me being the annoying niece I was at that time, I asked him. And being the annoying Uncle he was at the time, he goes "catch the video". Now, ya'll know there was no Youtube back then. So, I had to wait and watch the video on MTV and lo and behold, all the members of the group were black. I was glued to the TV. Now, for a kid my age at that time, there weren't many all black rock bands, at least my eyes didn't see them...not until my Uncle led me to Living Color. This was the first video I saw by them and I was hooked ever since then. 

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