#BookReview ~ Let's Stay Together by JJ Murray

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Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: ARC (Galley)
Published: April 28, 2015
Series: No
Author: J.J. Murray
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Available: BN | Amazon | Kobo 

My Review

I can tell when I’m not really moved by a story because my reviews aren't wordy as they are when I have the feels.
Let’s Stay Together didn't exactly move me,  I thought it predictable and a tad boring. Lauren Short is a use-to-be well known actress who has caught her gay (she just found out) boyfriend cheating on her...needs to revamp her career and her love life. She starts letter writing a long time fan of hers Patrick.

Patrick Esposito who is handyman in Brooklyn is a big fan of Lauren’s and has always had a crush on her from afar. He figures he’ll write her to cheer her up over her recent break up with her long time boyfriend. But writing her a letter couldn't lead to anything or could it?

What I liked most
  • The letter writing between Lauren and Patrick and the build up to these two meeting and getting together. What starts off as a friendship and Patrick helping Lauren in a sense “get her groove back” led up to a very sweet and romantic relationship.
  • I thought Lauren and Patrick were developed well. Lauren had a wicked sense of humor and when she wanted, quite the sharp tongue. Although there were times when I wished she had more back bone. Patrick was very romantic and caring. He has his own past that he was keeping away from, it was a nice add to the story...made it a bit more stimulating.

What I didn't like
  • I felt at times the story was stilted and things were just added in to give “more” to the story.
  • I couldn't get into the dialogue of the characters at times and there were some inconsistencies throughout the story.
  • Some things were a bit elaborate and just plain unbelievable.
All and all, this is a well written tale and I still liked it.  It was my first time reading a story with a “starlet” in it and when I saw this on NetGalley, I thought I'd give it a try. And then there is Patrick who is a regular Joe (although after reading his back-story...maybe not so much).
Bottom line, a cute story with a sweet romance added in. For the price they're asking, I say borrow it (legally of course).

Lets Stay Together Rating

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