Tuesday Jams #128

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above or make your own...and whether you have a blog or not, you can either leave your link in the linky below OR in the comment section.  You can show a video, a music player..whateva suites your fancy. Just remember to have some fun!
What's up guys! So sorry I missed last weeks TJ pick, I had family over for the week so I didn't exactly have time to jump on the computer. But I'm here now! There are so many songs to pick from, but I'm gonna share a song that I heard in a show that I luurve. Have y'all heard of Star-Crossed? Well, it's a show that was on CW about a different race of people from outer space that inhabit Earth... and well, it got cancelled after season 1 so I'm just gonna stop there ;( major sadness beam right now. Anyway the song that played on the show is called Come Alive by Chromeo - It's definitely a jam you could get down to and to me has that funky feel to it. I just love it. CW always has the best playlists for shows ^_^

I'm going to go with one of my old time favorites. Tears for Fears Head of Heals.
I'm stuck in the 80's lately. Can't find any current music that I'm really digging, ya know? So I had to go back, lols. Ever saw the movie Donnie Darko with Jake Gyllenhaal? He did it when he was young...it is very dark...really good though. This song was was in the movie. I heard and loved the song way before I ever saw the movie though. It's a feel good song and the video is cute too.

Okay...I'm tired of trying to find free link ups. You can't have never ending one unless you want to pay OR they attract spam and I seriously don't have the time to go an create a new link each month, I seriously don't. I know Tuesday Jams is growing and I would love to add a linky but this just irritating as all hell and so damn frustrating. We aren't big blogger so we cannot afford to pay for "everythang". At this point guys, if you have a song you would like to share with us...comment in the comment section. Leave video, a link, facebook, twitter. If it good for you, it's good for us. Because right now Disqus is the only thing making me happy right now. Later on, I might add a linky but now...I just #done. 

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