#BookReview: The Look of Love by Crystal Bright

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Published: June 23, 2015
Series: Mama's Boys #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
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My Review

**don't read this if you don't want to see some spoilers and a pissed off/kinda of ranty review**

I just didn't like Eboni. She was a **tch, selfish, whoa is me character who couldn't let go of the past. She was also a chump who refused to see that she was part of the problem is this so called relationship and kept putting it all of Gunnar. I hated her though 90% of this book and couldn't garner any sympathy for her butt at the last 10%. I cannot stand female characters who cannot see past their own issues...Yeah, the man left but you didn't stop him and you didn't fight for him to stay. She holds a gotdamn grudge for all these years and when the man does come back to help his sick adoptive mother, she acts like a spoiled childish ass child who did't get a chance to play in the sandbox. Yelling and screaming at the man and trying to undermine him because her ass was still mad. I wanted her to grow up! The man tells all his secrets and the reasons as to why he left and this heffa holds onto a secret until the end and then wants him to forgive her so easily when her ass kept a grudge for the majority of the story...uh hell no. 

The only saving grace in this book was Gunnar. He was a gentlemen who bent over backwards to get this Chick not to be mad at him anymore. I loved his character and I did like the fact that he and his brothers were adopted and raised by a black woman, that is what initially drew me to this book. All three brothers are in different sports as well. Gunner is a MMA fighter who left their home town in Virginia to pursue his dream and this ho didn't want to go with him because she felt obligated to take care of her aunt who raised her after her mother died. I get and understand that but she never told Gunnar about her situation, she just expected him to know I guess. 

There was also more to Gunnar than him being a fighter, Elizabeth raised her sons in such a awesome manner and they were respectful but they also knew the ins and outs of her businesses. Like for instance in this story Gunnar who like I said is in the MMA but he also knows how to do hair. He made is own hair products as well...see? winner and he chased after a bitter chump. 

The way Eboni acted in this story, I for the life of me couldn't understand why Gunnar fought so hard to get back with her. For most of the book, she was rude and I didn't get the damn chemistry between them. I just didn't. I really wanted him to tell her to kiss his ass throughout most of the story, but I know he would not have done that because of the way his mother raised him. 

The other saving grace in this book was Gunnar's mother Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth is what they called her. She was funny and the typical mother who was all up in her kids business but my like of her went down a bit when I found out that she knew Eboni's secret too and didn't tell Gunnar. But he forgave her, but that is his mother so I can see him not staying mad at her. Pfft, at least Elizabeth realized her error and apologized to Gunnar. 

So in the end, Gunnar gives up his title and moves back to Virginia to be with Eboni and work in his mom's salon. I wasn't happy with this HEA, no...I really didn't care about it because I could not stand Eboni's ass for the entirety of the book. 

I like the set up of the series. Elizabeth has three businesses and from what I can gather each son will be involved with it in his own story. Gunnar with the salon, Gideon with the flower shop and Thane will have the other business which I can't think of right now. I don't know if I will go into the other stories at this moment. If any of the other chicks will be like Eboni then that will be a big ass NO. 

I wanted to DNF this one so bad because every time Eboni gave Gunnar some contradicting ass excuse as to why she should still be mad at him, I wanted to put it down but I wanted to see if she would woman the fuck up and admit that she messed up too and you know what? she never really did. She had one moment of clarity towards the end when she cut off her hair but even after that, she wasn't much of a improvement. I mean even after Gunnar found out her damn secret, she wanted him to come after her. Why? Why couldn't she go after him? Make it up to him? UGH!!!!

This was my feelings during most of the read

 Would I recommend The Look of Love? No, I can't in good conscious do that. But don't take my review as a dislike of this authors work, the writing was good and the story/series set up is done well too. I just couldn't get with this character and what I may dislike another reader would totally feel different about. 

The Look of Love Rating

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