#JointBookReview: Deeper by allyn lesley

Monday, June 29, 2015

Source: Author
Format: ARC (Mobi)
Published: April 23, 2015
Author: allyn lesley
Series: Deeper Chronicles
Self Published
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
242 Pages
Heat: Strong Sexual Content
Available: Amazon | +Goodreads (Shelf it/Blurb)

Our Review

Deeper is the story of Avianna Linton who is a school teacher in New York City. Hiding from her old life and starting a new one in NYC, she befriends a fellow teacher who just happens to be friends with Noah Adams, who is known as the King of New York.

This was a enjoyable story and the mystery/suspense element of it was good.

Deeper definitely had its perks but it also had its downfalls. And we don’t mean like BOOOOOOOOOOOM big ol downfalls, but it had its moments (quite a bit of them actually) where we just couldn’t go on. But we had to get through it. And we will say that the suspense and mystery is what kept us rolling. The mysterious and oh so dangerous Noah Adams was every bit of bad boy that you could want in a hero.

The relationship between Avi and Noah was a bit of a rollercoaster which was one of the reasons Avi isn’t one of our favorite heroines. She’s so back and forth with her feelings and emotions, it was hard to keep up with her and how she was feeling. She was gullible but quick to judge and constantly on the hot and cold end of lust and passion.

Despite the fact that the heroine wanted us to give her a good ol’ girl talk to get her shit together we pushed on. There was still something about Deeper that kept us invested. Noah and his men, they were well worth the read and we did enjoy the dangerous, gansta part of all of them. The hows and whys that bring Noah and Avi together is quite page turning. We also enjoyed the relationship that Avi developed with Sophia, a fellow school teacher who brings her into Noah’s world.

Deeper has a good intriguing mystery and interesting characters. The world building was nice and we understood where the author wanted to go with this story but the heroine was difficult and the chemistry between our couple was cold and a little off putting at times. We recommend Deeper if you like new adult reads with extremely angsty characters.

Our Rating

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