Race, Hate and What Happened In Charleston South Carolina

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unless you live under a rock or don’t watch the news, there was a shooting this past Thursday at a historic black church, Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina. Nine innocent people lost their lives to hate, they welcomed a killer into their Sanctuary pretending to join prayer and that person murdered them. As I write this I am sad, I’m angry and I’m hurt but mostly I am sad.

As we go into the future, do we really want to continue to bring the past with us? Do we really want to live so divided in hate that we cannot just simply live in peace and harmony. That person walked into a church, the last place where you would think something like this could happen and took NINE lives. But we didn’t believe it when we saw what happened in Connecticut either.

Race relations in the country is failing, everyday we take several steps backwards on this subject. When bad things happen and race is involved, we want to ignore the obvious...that big ugly stain of our history. We want to delude ourselves into believing that we are in a post racial society and I tell you IMOP that we are not. Are things are as bad as they were from back in the day? No, they are not but trust, this act of terror proves that they are not getting any better. Because when we ignore, when we close our curtains, when we shut our eyes, when we teach our children that it is okay to hate something or someone because they are different than ourselves, then we are not solving the problem, we are part of it.

There is evil running around loose and it is turning us against each other in the worst possible way. How can we say that we are an advanced society when we can’t even get past the judging of people because they look different, they act different, they speak different, they pray different...they are different? How can we?

We must take a hard look in the mirror and acknowledge this problem, face that ugly truth and start the healing process, not just cover the wound but start the actual care of healing it. Start the process of change and I mean real change. Are we really going to let the lives of our ancestors who fought diligently so that we could have and be better suffer for naught? The violence that we do onto one another is disheartening, it makes me hurt for our future...for our children’s future. Things like this shooting have to stop, things like police brutality have to stop, things where we tear into one another without accountability must stop.

My prayers and condolences go out to the families of victims.

Susie Jackson (87). Reverent Clementa Pinkney (41). Cynthia Hurd (54). DePayne Middleton Doctor (49).Tywanza Sanders (26). Myra Thompson (59). Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45). Daniel L. Simmons Sr. (74).Ethel Lee Lance (70)


The church is accepting Donations, you can go HERE if would like too. 

I can only hope that as this trial starts and as we get back to our daily lives that we seriously think about where our future takes us.

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